Specialist noted that coffee did not negatively affect health, it should be drunk at certain times of the day.  One of the main misconceptions about the invigorating effect of coffee specialist called the drunk cup of this hot drink in the early morning, which, according to the person, should give him energy for the whole day. The scientist’s conclusion is based on one simple fact that the higher the level of cortisol, the less coffee will be cheerful. The ideal time for consuming a fragrant drink as per specialists is called a time interval of 10 to 12 hours a day. It is noted that during this period the level of cortisol in the human body is rapidly declining.  According to the expert, the last coffee should be taken no later than lunch, and even better – until 14:00. In the afternoon it is recommended to give up an invigorating drink and replace it with herbal tea.

However, it is believed that the positive effect of caffeine on our health is much more significant than a possible negative effect. It is known that the moderate use of a drink of a normal strength promotes the prolongation of life. If the cardiovascular system functions normally, then even the daily consumption of coffee in reasonable doses cannot cause harm. This is evidenced by figures of traditional medicine. Coffee, getting into our body, causes an increase in blood pressure, the rhythm of heartbeats increases.

Earlier, many sources claimed that it was harmful. Now that there are research data, it can be argued that there is no increase in mortality from pathologies of the cardiovascular system against the background of constant coffee consumption. Statistics show that coffee lovers as a whole have a body weight less than opponents of this drink. Probably, therefore, they say that coffee minimizes the risk of obesity. By increasing blood circulation, brain activity improves for a certain time. In addition, caffeine helps the proper functioning of the liver and relieves us of constipation.

Health Specialist Perceptions

Therefore, the doctors believe that milk is harmless to the body of healthy people. It should be noted that there are few useful qualities here. Among the advantages, we will highlight the presence of proteins, valuable microelements and vitamins important for health. The presence of calcium provides a normal development of the bone system in children. In an adult organism, the likelihood of developing osteoporosis decreases. Know that in the milk there are no substances that could significantly change the state of our body. The milk in contrast to coffee is not able to greatly affect human health. This drink cannot be called harmful, but it is also not considered useful beyond its usefulness. Do not take seriously the allegations that milk causes various diseases and acts negatively on the work of a healthy body.

Moreover, there is evidence that calcium is much less in a drink than in a number of foods. As we know, milk is equated, by the percentage of calcium in the composition, to cucumber and cabbage. We consider this comparison unfair. In terms of unit weight, milk contains a higher percentage of calcium than vegetable food. Also, it must be taken into account that it is not food, but a liquid drink. For a day we can easily use a litre of milk, but it would be difficult to eat a kilogram of cabbage.


We hope that in this article the benefits and harms of coffee were fully and clearly explained. In some cases, caffeine can adversely affect health, but for a huge number of people, the drink is really useful. In general, harm from consuming a mixture of these drinks is associated with its misuse or negative processes from serious pathologies. If your health is not in order, then you should completely abandon this drink or take it in minimal portions.

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Henry Shaffer is a health and fitness trainer.  In this article, she explicates the different point of view regarding the people ideologies towards coffee. She provides private tuitions to the students at Online Dissertation Writing UK.