Lucky you! You’ve got an attractive holiday offer and all you need is packing. Do you know what gadgets are the best to take? You definitely need to pack your camera for impressive surfing pics. Never forget your luggage organizer to pack with pleasure. What gadgets can be also helpful this summer? Let’s find out.

Portable battery pack

Good for: working travellers

This wise and light battery is able to give energy for your gadgets. It is equipped with in built Micro USB cable. It is good for your iPhone/mobile phone and iPod to recharge them on the go. You will never lose the cable in your luggage. The portable smart battery is organized with a special mini controller to check the battery characteristics all the time. It also designed with a protective layer to protect it from the outer damage. The pack battery is what you need of you goo travelling to have much work to do. This is also a nice opportunity to keep all your devices recharged when you are travelling somewhere on wild.

OK Yellow Grado Headphones Shoot

Joby GorillaPod

Good for: all who like to take photos, Instagrammers

How can you travel without a camera? This is must-have device you definitely need. There is no sense to take a big camera with you. Try the Joby GorillaPod. This camera is light, foldable, and interesting designed. It is equipped with tentacle legs to put it on different surfaces, on the rock, sand, even of the tree. It is not a problem for you to take an incredible picture of sunrise or sunsets or wild nature. This is the best helper in your backpack and easy to carry on.

Drone Cameras

Good for: travel photographers

Your beautiful shots taken from the height will be impressive. It is easy to do with the help of your drone camera. Mavic Pro – the small and impressive piece of technic that is capable to take 4k video. It is not expensive at all and can be near at hand every time when you need to take some fun photos or perspectives with it.

GoPro Hero5

Good for: adrenaline travellers

Sure enough, if you used to travel here and there to take more adrenaline, you need to buy special camera on your head or hand to make video on the go. Thus, it is not a problem to shoot the mountain view when you are climbing up or the nature view from the bird’s eye view when you are jumping. Hero5 is able to make video and export it on your phone. So, your friends on FB will follow your way all the time.

Drone and Moon

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Good for: Water travellers

If you like water sports, you cannot live without music. You shouldn’t separate these two conditions and go surfing with your favorite sound in your ears. Sony’s Walkman gives you a chance to make your own play list of your favorites. The headphones are designed to work in or under the water with no problems. The price for it is rather expensive but you can easily put your iPod into the waterproof bag instead of special gadget to be supported with music on the go.

Polarised Lens Sunglasses

Good for: Outdoor adventurers

Who hasn’t the sunglasses? Everyone has! Sunglasses with polarised lenses might be always helpful to reduce the harmful sun lights reflecting off of wet surfaces. The glasses can be good for any kinds of active leisure. UV Polarized Lens Glasses masterfully protects you from a harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Swim Wear from Cynthia Rowley

Good for: Surfers

Everyone knows about Cynthia Rowley designs. They have a stylish line of swim suits, wear and accessories for travellers and active leisure. Of course, if style and comfort mean much for you, you should try the clothes from the offered line. The clothes items are made of Nylon and Spandex, with an SPF 50+ with the wide range of colors, prints and models.

K-box gel speaker photographed with iphone

Dry Bag

Good for: Voyagers and water sportsmen

The situation is not new when your phone or other gadget works badly because of water. If you don’t like when your stuff is watered somewhere in the ocean or in the hotel pool, you should simply use a dry bag. This piece seems to be simple and miserable. Nevertheless, the price is too cheap and the waterproof bag kit can save your gadgets and non-waterproof stuff from watering.

Portable Speaker

Good for: Music lovers 24/7

Portable speakers are good for music lovers. Whenever you go, in the pool, beach party or deep jungles, you can take your music with you. It works with Bluetooth and gives you an opportunity to listen to music and make calls. Definitely, you need to take an additional battery to always have a clean sound. Thus, 3000mAh rechargeable device helps you to listen to music for more than 10 hours. What a progress!

Close up of smartphone in hand

Smartphone of Any Brand

Best for: All travellers

Sure, your vacation is your time to slow down, disconnect, relax and focus on the people around you. But it doesn’t mean that your mobile apps such as Google Maps or your favorite Instagram are not helpful anymore. Never forget to use your phone! Using your phone abroad used to be complicated, expensive, or both, but it’s getting easier and easier. There are many special apps you can use abroad even offline. The best used of them are and app will be always helpful to hire a car whenever you go. You have an opportunity to pick the best available car for you for the most attractive price from the variety of car vendors. You may check whether a car is good for you by price, age, location and technical characteristics. app is helpful to give you an access to thousands of hotels around the world. You can find a room quickly. There are special attractive deals to find a room for one night, for tonight or last-minute booking. You can also take advantage of the app’s popular Collect 10 Nights feature.