One of the most favorite thing that people of all ages love to eat is ketchup. Earlier a sauce that used to have oysters, walnuts, egg whites, and other ingredients was called ketchup but now it is mostly known as tomato ketchup because it is made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, spices, and assorted seasonings. There are many different types of ketchup but the most famous and popular is tomato ketchup. Ketchup is an important accessory in nearly all the fat food items that people eat particularly French fries.

The kids simply love to put ketchup in everything they eat from bread to potato chips to chicken nuggets. The reason why kids and adults have to eat ketchup is that it has all the basic taste which are sweet, sour, bitter, salty and Umami. The sweetness in ketchup comes from the ripe tomatoes and sugars which are added, sourness comes from the vinegar, the salty taste from the salts, the bitterness from the different flavorings and Umami flavor from cooked tomatoes. The multiple tastes of the ketchup is the reason why it is not eaten directly but also used as an ingredient in many meals which are cooked in homes and restaurants.

The tomato ketchup is quite nutritional even if is processed which is quite rare as most processed food tend to have less nutritional value. The pressure cooking of tomatoes increases its nutrition and taste. Today tomato ketchup is a common item in nearly every household. No matter if its lunch or dinner, people like to have ketchup present along with their meals. Tomato ketchup is often times used as a condiment and served with a variety of hot and fried food such as French fries, chicken burgers, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pasta, pizza, fried chicken and fried fish.

In houses and restaurants, mostly cheap ketchup dispenser is used to serve and use tomato ketchup. The ketchup dispenser is purposefully shaped and designed to allow easy use particularly in restaurants where many customers want to have ketchup with their fast food meals. In homes mostly a ketchup bottle is used which people can easily squeeze to pour ketchup. The design feature of a common ketchup dispenser is

  • A slim and narrow design which uses less tablespace
  • Provides improved control in pouring out the ketchup
  • It employs the same levers and pumps as that of the round dispenser
  • The capacity is more than 2 lbs.
  • It has a lightweight but strong plastic shell
  • It can easily be installed and calibrated without any additional tools
  • It comes with a cover which has a tether attached to reduce the loss of ketchup when one uses it.
  • The parts of the ketchup dispenser are colored white or red to help easily identify mustard and tomato ketchup.

A ketchup dispenser is used to conveniently to dispense the contents of the ketchup bottle. The ketchup which most people buy from shops is usually packaged in bottles which have narrow necks and small caps to prevent the loss of the sauce inside. When a person is choosing a ketchup dispenser, some of the considerations are

  • The bottle outlet should be capped which will improve the preservation and taste of the ketchup
  • The opening space should be wide enough so that the contents of the ketchup can easily be poured from ketchup bottles. The wide opening would also allow to properly clean the dispensers
  • The measurement scale should be included which allows control in dispensing and offer more precision when the dispenser is being used.
  • The dispenser system should be non-drip to prevent accumulation and clogging of the ketchup remains.

Many of the companies which make the ketchup dispenser usually allow flexibility by making dispensers which are more tailor-made for use in houses and restaurants. The benefits of modern ketchup are the flexible design which suits easy ketchup and sauce dispersal, increase yield and is easier to use and clean. The new dispenser system is made from high-quality materials which prevent contamination and is also durable.

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