Before 2020, summer travel used to portray family vacations without any restrictions that included a lot of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Prolonged tours to far-flung destinations
  • Sun-drenched beach getaways
  • Twisting road trips

Unfortunately, the whole landscape changed when a worldwide pandemic unfolded; consequently, those summer travel experiences will possibly look a little changed this year.

COVID-19 outbreaks keep on erupting the world; consequently, there are still restrictions on international travel, and a considerable number of world’s airlines are still grounded.

The situation is also resulting in an economic slump, and a large number of families are going through it. And people who planned trips in advance had no choice but to cancel them.

Under the clouds of COVID-19, we cannot determine precisely what summer 2020 travel will be like; however, one thing is sure: You can anticipate change.

To get a clear image of what possibly will be coming up for the individuals who do have a desire to travel this summer, we gathered a bunch of experts’ predictions.

Destinations Expected to Open Soon

In the presence of COVID-19, a lot of destinations are so far closed, and considering the budget, a lot of families are shifting their plans.

In an interview, Katya DeStefano expressed, “We really had an intention to plan travel to the beach to Cabo, and I believe those plans are somewhat postponed right now due to COVID-19.”

According to a local traveler expert, Eileen Ogintz, “According to my point of view, this will be a summer, where no one will be planning long-term.”

In this case, also conducted a survey that revealed, twenty-four percent of individuals said they would be planning shorter trips that will include road trips or virtual reality travel.

As per the statement of DeStefano, “For the time being, you simply want to drive. We could also prefer to take a virtual reality tour to New Mexico.”

According to travel experts, “individuals traveling this summer will be increasingly preferring to make plans at last minute and remain nearer to home.”

As per the statement of Ogintz, “There’s an extreme demand for individuals to need to get outside with their children.”

Along these lines, camping is additionally anticipated to be a major alternative to get away. That could likewise indicate renting a beach house or cabin where there are no mutual public spaces.

There are likewise online experiences. These days, there’s a lot of virtual content accessible like never before, and you would be surprised to know that there are no restrictions of budget or time, and the entire family can get included. This year, you can anticipate seeing a lot of changes in food and travel blogs 2020.

Make sure to confirm the refund and cancellation policy at the time of making plans for this summer

How about we suppose infection rates are indicating hopeful dispositions and a sufficient number of people feel motivated to travel, and flights and hotels are opened. The primary issue at that point, whether you have the option to get into a foreign country without going through a fourteen-day quarantine – a definite method to waste most trips.

In this case, which are the places seeking to make it workable for travelers to return this summer? The following is the brief yet developing a list of potential destinations.


The place is worth to visit, and that implies the country collects a great deal of money due to tourism, about twenty percent of its GDP. Keeping the current situation in mind, Greece has had a generally low number of coronavirus cases, truly has an intention to get some travelers this summer. In this case, as per the statement of their officials, they have a desire to begin inviting visitors in July, in spite of the fact that details stay scant.


The destination has eliminated coronavirus within its borders and has planned to begin permitting travelers this summer, and its idea appears the strongest as opposed to any country up until this point. The way is straightforward: travelers will have to go through a coronavirus test as soon as they arrive, and will be allowed to go to their accommodation, where they’ll have to stay until the test result comes soon thereafter. In case the test result is negative, they will be allowed to discover the country.


You must be aware of the fact that the destination is formally a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as of late turned into the only Caribbean country to report conditional plans to revive its borders and welcome visitors. They plan to do it somewhere between June 15 to July 1; however, that is liable to change. The destination has had only 101 reported coronavirus cases and three deaths, which means it’s an extremely protected destination to visit. Yet, it additionally implies they should be cautious about how they approach opening up with the goal that visitors don’t carry another influx of infections to the island.


A left-field alternative with some genuine cautions, the destination possibly will consider the adventurous tourists, as its highly sensitive situation passed away recently. That implies tourists can once again enter the destination, despite the fact that for the time being coronavirus test and two-day quarantine is necessary until the result comes up, and those testing positives will be hospitalized. In addition, visa-free travel stays suspended, so you’ll have to acquire a visa. However, think about it, two days of quarantine is better as compared to 14 days.

Despite the fact this must not really be taken as ratification to travel, it’s fascinating in any case to take a look at where that procedure is generally exceptional. Regardless, it’s evident the trend in numerous places is pushing toward discovering approaches to open up to tourists, and we’re probably going to see an ever-increasing number of destinations endeavor to explore this, with maximum improvements.