The steps to prepare for breast augmentation surgery are quite overwhelming. You need to collect information about the procedure and will also find a significant number of personal stories, videos, etc. online posted by people that have had this surgery done.

While this can help improve your understanding and confidence levels about the procedure, you still need to be stable in your understanding of what’s involved, what it will mean for you, and more. These are the questions you should be asking yourself before breast augmentation surgery:

1. Are My Expectations From The Surgery Objective?

Your surgeon wants you to be happy with your breasts post-surgery. However, they also require you to be realistic. Each woman and their breasts are different, and that means the results will be that way too. Aspects such as the shape of your breast, natural asymmetry, droop, and nipple position will impact the final result. Ask yourself whether you need surgery as a solution for your anxiety or self-esteem issues.

Consider what impact there will be on your self-esteem of the results aren’t exactly as you expected them to be. Understanding the results that the surgeon can help achieve for you, and various other factors are the best way to make sure you are satisfied after the surgery.

2. Do You Feel That The Most Crucial Thing Is To Achieve A Particular Cup Size?

We all know that a woman’s breasts are measured in cup sizes, and it’s easy to obsess over this aspect. But the best thing you need to do before the breast augmentation surgery is to be focused on your overall post-surgery ‘look’ rather than the specific cup size. Understand which implant size will be best suited to your current chest width and breast shape.

What do you want the overall appearance and proportions of your breast to look like after the surgery? During the consultation, the surgeon will carefully measure your chest, so you have a good idea of the most suitable breast implant size for your body.

3. Do I Have The Patience To Wait Till My Breast Settle Correctly Into The Final Shape, Size, And Result?

It takes approximately six weeks to heal from breast augmentation. However, your breasts will keep changing for a long time after this period. You will, of course, notice the change in them immediately after the surgery, but it will take a few months for them to settle correctly into position. It can easily take up to a year for you to notice the final result, and that means you need to be very patient.

5. Am I Ready To Maintain And Care For My Breast Implants?

These implants are very low-maintenance, and caring for them is easy. Post your surgery, your surgeon and their team will give you instructions about the care process you need to follow. This could include:

  • Conduct self-examination of the breast as you would need to familiarize yourself with your new breasts.
  • In case you notice too much of a change or irregularity in the breasts, you must visit your doctor and not believe that it’s just the new implants making them feel that way.
  • Regular self-checks are crucial, and you should do them every month, even if you have implants.
  • If you are old enough to get a screening done, make sure you do that without fail and mention to the technician that you have breast implants.
  • Keep an eye out for changes as ruptures though they aren’t common, you still need to keep an eye out for them.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be better prepared for the breast augmentation surgery.