Going on a long distance trip aboard Indian Railways? This promises to be a really exciting venture with both unpleasant uncertainties as well as pleasant experiences.

Tips To Enjoy A Long Train Journey

What are the common uncertainties faced by all travellers:

  • No air-conditioned environments like airports
  • Lack of clean toilets
  • Lack of clean and tasty food
  • Lack of clean blankets, pillows and linen.
  • Water scarcity
  • Stolen luggage
  • Stolen foot wear
  • Overfriendly co-passengers.

Here are some tips to enjoy your long distance train journey:

  • Download and watch movies on your lap top.
  • Write blogs on your travel experience, interacting with natives of different states.
  • Spend your whole journey sleeping: best way to catch up on all your sleep and relaxation.
  • Choose upper berth if you intend to sleep most of the time of your journey.
  • Ignore disturbance by kids and infants who are your co-passengers
  • Avoid gizmos and spend time enjoying the real India: places, sounds, colours and smells.
  • Travel alone for a unique experience minus any responsibility.
  • You must travel light with minimum luggage
  • Don’t carry expensive items in your luggage as you run the risk of stolen luggage
  • Secure luggage by chaining it to your seat.
  • Carry a good camera to capture some excellent images of life in India.
  • Step outside train seat once in a while. Stand near the door and experience the wind against your face.
  • Avoid smoking as it disturbs others in train as well as does not add to the safety of the train.
  • Develop a thick skin to endure disturbance by all kinds of fellow passengers like families travelling in groups.
  • Strike up a friendship with co-passengers. Engage in interesting conversations that provide a glimpse into the real India.
  • Chit-chatting is the best way to kill time on a train and most Indians are of the friendly type.
  • If you are not feeling particularly social keep yourself entertained with a good book or magazines.
  • Listen to your favourite music on an iPod or MP3 player.
  • Watch the beautiful scenery change from area to area sitting beside the window seat. Window seat perusing of scenery is possible only in the second class and is not possible in AC compartments. So travel by the lower class to get a taste of real India.
  • Play games like playing cards if travelling with family. This is great way to kill time.
  • Bring along a portable game console and a few games.
  • Taste local delicacies offered by vendors at stations. However, be wary about its hygiene.
  • Enjoy food by using e-catering services for train passengers. You can order food from train, which will be delivered fresh and hot and in time at your train seat at the station of your choice.

These are some tips to enjoy a long distance train journey in India. You can handle all the uncertainties and enjoy your trip as a safe and memorable one.

Author’s Bio: She is a student of journalism in a leading university in India. Her hobbies are travelling, writing blogs, experimenting with cuisines and making friends. She uses her considerable experience of travelling by Indian Railways to contribute to websites like www.travelkhana.com.