At the end of the year, most of you consider taking a refreshing trip to a place which is thoroughly enjoyable, adventurous and has a positive heart. And what could be a better option than to visit Jaipur, The Pink city of Rajasthan in this charming winter? A city so lavish with rich culture, historical wonders and proud heritages, Jaipur is that royal region where varied diversity blends perfectly into an ideal flavor of tourist attractions.

The buildings’ bright pink coloured walls gave the city its apt name. During the winter season, you can feel the pink warm hue pleasing your heart while you are travelling the city’s princely streets and bask in the exuberant complexes standing erect on both sides. No doubt, it is ranked as Asia’s 7th best place under the tag of “best city to visit in India”.

A fresh breath at Hawa Mahal

“The Palace of wind” or Hawa Mahal is a must-go destination while taking a vivid tour in Jaipur. The revitalizing breeze and the whole ambience within will make you forget all your stress and get yourself immersed into a world of tranquillity. The sheer beauty, intricate designs and delicate architecture will simply leave you bemused. Look upon the everyday activities of this busy city from the royal courtyard of this splendid palace.

A nostalgic visit at Amber Fort

It is nothing astonishing that the grandiose Amber Fort falls under the UNESCO World Heritage site. The phenomenal fusion of the architecture of the Rajput (Hindu) pattern and Mughal (Islam) style is noteworthy. While you can come from any location, availing a convenient taxi from Rewari, Haryana to Amber Fort is suggested because of the comfort and remarkable sightseeing while travelling. Made from sandstone and marbles, this fort has a series of majestic courtyards, halls and gardens. Sun Gate, Moon Gate, Shila Devi Temple, Jaleb Chowk courtyard are some fantastic views of this palace. The sophisticated mirror glasses imported from Belgium cover the walls and hence it is also known as Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors).

A leisure stroll amidst the archaic lanes of Jaipur

Is there anything better to truly explore and experience a city’s grace than taking an idle walk through the streets in the pleasant wintry evening? From Statue Circle Garden which is located at the city’s heart to Jawahar Circle Garden, take a heart-filling tour with you and your family with some chai and warm conversations to accompany you. And what could be more thrilling than to have the treat of the city’s unique delicacies on your path? Kachori and daal baati choorma are some foods you don’t want to miss out if you are a keen explorer.

Lose yourself in the Jantar Mantar Observatory

An impressive instrument invented in the mid 16th century to study space, Jantar Mantar is an epitome of the scientific contraption and architectural acme. It is also the world’s largest sundial made up of stones and pillars into an interesting structure to determine celestial bodies positioning and calculating local times. It is like a magnet attracting and spellbinding architects, mathematicians, topographers, historians as well as visitors and tourists from all over the world for centuries due to its fascinating and overpowering man-made wonder. To reach this magnum opus, you can book a cab from Faridabad to Jaipur as it is situated in the city’s heart.

Jaipur is a flamboyant city with all its towering perks of exoticism. The local bazaars, the sparkling festivals, the finger-licking Rajasthani cuisines, the awe-inspiring forts and monuments arouse a deep love for this land and will definitely make you visit here again and again.

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