The need to produce machines with clean fuel sources cannot be overemphasized. The emission of poisonous gases into the environment by fossil fuel powered vehicles has been a problem for mankind for many decades. As a result, a lot of effort has been made to design automobile vehicles that utilize fuel sources that do not release harmful substances into the atmosphere. Whilst clean fuel technology is desirable, a major limitation has always been in developing mechanical systems that operate with the same level of efficiency as their fossil fuel counterparts. PROGO 3000 is the result of nearly two years of research in designing a scooter that draws power from a clean fuel source of propane with a performance equivalent to most conventional gas-powered and electric scooters already available in the market.

The Best Scooter Of The 21st Century: ProgoPS3000

ProGoPS3000: A scooter with more benefits

Although there are many scooters in the market, you are less likely to find one that promises high performance without causing pollution in the environment. PROGO overcomes this limitation by utilizing an alternative fuel source with less environmental impact. Propane is not only clean; it is also cheap and readily available. Unlike, most traditional gas scooters, PROGO 3000 can be driven both inside and outside the home without worrying about polluting the atmosphere provided there is enough space. With only a weight of 35 lbs, even kids can handle this scooter comfortably without jumping over the fence.

If you are looking for a true iron friend that will make life easier and less stressful, then you will find one in PROGO.

Review for PROGO propane scooter

Just in case you are still not convinced about having your own PROGO scooter, a guide at PropaneScooters website will help you to know better. Meanwhile, here is a quick review of what to expect from purchasing one.

The Best Scooter Of The 21st Century: ProgoPS3000

Key Features

  1. Lightweight: Has a relatively light weight (only 35 pounds) and can comfortably support the load of up to 200 pounds. Therefore, you will find the machine very useful for travelling long distances either alone or with the load.
  2. Affordable: Unlike most traditional scooters, PROGO scooter is pretty affordable. With around 300USD to 400USD, you can get your own fine propane powered scooter. Believe it or not, there is no finer investment you can make with that amount of money.
  3. Fast tank filling: This particular feature makes PROGO 3000 to be superior to most electric scooters. No need for frequent battery recharging. This reduces the stress of travelling and recharging your scooter battery at regular intervals.
  4. Quiet engine: Unlike the piercing noise common with the engines of most gas powered scooters, PROGO comes with a 25cc 4-stroke engine which is quiet and fast.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The design and structure of PROGO make it very easy to maintain. If you need a scooter that will not cause any headache to keep clean and in a good condition, then PROGO is your best choice.


  • Very comfortable and easy to handle
  • No need to charge battery frequently
  • Gas container can be replaced
  • Produces less noise than other types of scooters
  • The quality of propane is the same everywhere unlike gasoline
  • No vibration


  • Problem with maintaining maximum power due to a small propane-air mixture.
  • Consumes more fuel than gasoline vehicles