There were days in which one could efficiently carryout farming operations without tractors, tillers and chemical fertilizers. All the farmers had been their land, a couple of generic tools and a few of them had animals for drafting. Even if we all do not need to own an ox to draft, there are several models of traditional farming tools that would make farming efficiently remarkable. Getting a hold of the right tool in this category would add a lot to efficiently farming. The broadfork tool and the nut gatherers are an example of the modern version of old farming tools. We will take a closer look at why these tools are considered essential by most gardeners.

Essential Gardening Tools: The Nut Gatherers and The Broadfork

Both the nut gatherer and the broadfork tools are of different types. Their variation could be based on their sizes, weight, and durability. See the variations of the broadfork at this page. One should make great effort to ensure that the right tool is selected for the right purpose, or else, you end up wasting time and effort or spending twice for a tool that you should have gotten right at first.

Nut harvesting made easier with the Nut Gatherer

When the need calls for a simple tool that can help in picking up nuts and seeds in the garden, collecting apples in your orchard, or retrieving tennis or golf balls on the course; you can count on a nut harvester from Exactly, this is a tool designed to meet several needs, but you should, first of all, make your needs clear before selecting one. Forget about straining your muscle when it’s time to harvest nuts and pecans. Say good-bye to back aches that you develop as a result of squatting and bending when trying to pick nuts. You can use a handle that would fit your height and just roll the tool over the garden floor. That’s about it, just roll it on the ground and it collects all nuts on its way – leaving out the leaves and debris. When the wire cage is filled up with nuts, you just offload it into a bucket and then repeat the process till you have collected all your nuts. It is that simple to use and it takes its place as a very easy to use and essential household tool beside the likes of brooms, rakes, and shovels.

Plowing and aeration of the soil made easier with the broadfork tool

This is a garden tool that comes in handy when you need to dig, plow, break up hardpan, aerate the soil, and so on. That is why you should be sure of your goals before selecting the features of the broadfork to purchase.

Using the broadfork for plowing hardpan or sod requires a very durable kind. The meadow creature broadfork tool falls in this category because its heavy weight makes it easier to penetrate the hard ground and flipping it over. However, when you plan not just to plow, but also to plant trees, break up compacted soil, and remove rocks – you should look for a broadfork that has deep tines coupled with steel handles.