Over the past few decades, there has been a stellar growth in the two-wheeler manufacturing sector. Backed with innovative technology for better mileage, efficiency and eased handling, companies like ProGo have taken a step ahead and introduced propane-powered scooters.

The ProGo 3000 model of Propane-powered scooter was designed keeping in mind that performance should be same or even better than the gas scooters that are used conventionally. At the same time, the idea was to make this environment-friendly on the lines of electric scooters. The next sections of this post will capture the technical aspects of ProGo 3000 scooter reviewed by PropaneScooters.com and brainstorm over its environmental impact.

Key features associated to ProGo 3000 Scooter

Firstly, ProGo 3000 Scooter has been designed to be lightweight and comes with an easy pull start feature. On top of that, it can be easily folded for convenient carrying as well as for storage purposes. The users will not have to worry about priming, choke or the gumming up of the carburetor, which always becomes a hassle. The outer frame of the scooter is made from hardened steel, which gives heavy durability. There are two disc brakes, one at the front and other at the rear. Finally, ProGo 3000 Propane-powered scooter comes with a 90-day warranty and is California Legal.

Technical specifications of ProGo 3000 Scooter

ProGoPS3000 scooter comes loaded with a 4-stroke 25cc engine fuelled by propane. As mentioned before, the engine follows a pull-start configuration with thumb throttle acceleration that ensures a smooth start. Disc brakes are fitted to the front and rear wheel, which bear a dimension of 8 inches diametrically. ProGo 3000 propane-powered scooter can go up to 20 mph and weighs roughly 35 lbs. The maximum weight that the vehicle is capable of carrying is 220 lbs.

In terms of run-time, this scooter model can travel up to 40 miles and 2-3 hours non-stop on a single canister of propane. Dimensionally, it is 42 inches high from the floor to the handlebars. Width-wise, it is 17 inches, considering the length between the widest points of the scooter to the handlebars. From tire to tire, the length is roughly 44 inches.

Once the scooter is folded, the height comes down to 19 inches from floor to the top point. The width between widest points and the handlebars becomes 17 inches and the length between tires stays the same.

As a conclusion, ProGo 3000 propane-powered scooter is legal as it has EPA and CAB approvals, which many gas scooters do not have. Considering the mileage, dimensions, efficiency and the ease of riding experience, ProGo 3000 is worth every cent spent on it. On top of that, propane is relatively cheaper than gasoline and more environment-friendly. The propane canister attached to this model can be replaced easily and the rider will not have to worry about long battery charging time as well as battery replacements, which can be expensive. Considering all the critical factors in mind, ProGo 3000 has definitely caught the eye of buyers.