Ask any foreigner or tourist what they think about Australians and they will probably tell you that we are carefree, laidback and easy-going; though some people in countries like Bali might think that Australians are loud and drunk, thanks to a few bad examples over the years.Hearing from people who have lived and travelled overseas, we are definitely more laidback than people from other countries. Maybe it’s our sun, surf and sand lifestyle or maybe it’s our “work to live” mentality instead of the “live to work” mentality of countries like the US, Japan, Singapore, etc. Or maybe the laidback reputation came from our many public holidays that happen to fall on Mondays, thus giving us long weekends to travel, have weekend barbeques and parties.We find any excuse to party; doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, Easter, Queen’s Birthday, AFL Grand Final Day or Melbourne Cup Day. That is a lot of party to attend or host. If you are the host, it will be hard work for you both before the party and after the party because there are invitations to send out, decorations to hang up, food to prepare and the clean up afterwards. Children’s parties are no different except for the addition of having to provide the entertainment as well. One short cut you can take, however, is to have the party invitations and address labels professionallyprinted, so that all you have to do is put them in the mail and focus on the other tasks.

Party Nation

The who, what, when, where, why and how of professionally printed party invitations and address labels.

  1. Who should use professionally printed party invitations and address labels? Anyone who is time-pressed or wants to save time and effort in generating professional looking party & entertainment
  2. What are professionally printed party invitations and address labels? Professionally printed party invitations are personalised party invitations that are 148 x 105 mm in dimensions (A6 size) and are printed on card stock (300 gsm). Each card is printed with the party guest’s name to give it a personal touch. These cards come in a range of designs and can be ordered in any quantity. Professionally printed address labels are stick on address labels that are approximately 48 x 20 mm in dimensions and come in a pack of 200 labels. These address labels come in a range of designs and are great for using on envelopes and postcards, to notify people of your change of address and/or to identify your belongings.
  3. When should you order your pre-printed labels? Say a month before you want to mail your invitations out to guests, so that your guests have time to RSVP.
  4. Where can you get professionally printed party invitations and address labels? From an online label company.
  5. Why use professionally printed party invitations and address labels? Because it saves time and effort, and makes your party planning a lot easier and quicker if you don’t have to hand write or print out every invitation yourself.
  6. How do you order your professionally printed party invitations and address labels? Simply go to the label company’s website, select the labels/invitations you want, type in the required fields, preview your entries, type in quantity, add to cart, proceed to checkout, complete the fields (billing address, shipping method, payment method, review your order) and place your order. In most cases, except for sale or discounted items, your paid order should be dispatched within four working days and should arrive in the mail within 3-14 business days. Orders placed over the Christmas period will be dispatched within seven working days.

Party Nation

Less work, more fun in party planning

People who prefer spending their weekends with family and friends and a work-life balance usually love the Australian lifestyle because of its laidback and easy-going reputation. Hosting parties would definitely be more fun and less work if people can “outsource” some of the work to someone else. Not having to worry about handwriting the party invitations and addresses themselves would be a great start as it will give them more time to prepare for the party and therefore, create less stress for them. Who knows, with this option many more people might be willing to host more parties in years to come.