He may be dead for more than 450 years, but there’s no escaping the influence of William Shakespeare. His reach is vast, and each generation finds new value in his work. His plays are as relevant today as ever. For years, scholars have argued over which of his works are his best. In fairness, this is a tough call. He amassed a huge volume of work throughout his life, with each one considered unique and unforgettable – each one a work of art. So, which of The Bard’s works is considered the best?

Romeo and Juliet

The quintessential love story has always been popular. It has become the template for every love story since. It has inspired numerous films, books, songs, and even slot games. Yes, slot games such as Romeo and Juliet Sealed With A Kiss slot at Aspers casino online. This story of “star-crossed lovers” Has endured down through the generations. It still speaks to the romantics in all of us – this is what has made it one of Shakespeare’s Best Plays.

Much Ado About Nothing

This is considered Shakespeare’s best comedy. It’s built around one of the most famous love-hate stories ever written. The relationship is between Benedick and Beatrice and the audience/reader follows the couple to see if they fall in love. The story is filled with loads of comedy and tragedy in equal measures. You won’t be able to keep up with all the gags and one liners that turn up during the text. The play is also set in the Sicilian countryside, which adds a certain spice to the play.

Julius Caesar

This examination of the assassination of the Roman dictator takes the player through the planning, the murder, and the fallout of the removal of the Roman leader. The play is centred around Marcus Brutus and his struggle with conceiving and being part of and carrying out such as brutal act. The play focuses on topics such as friendship, honour, and love of one’s country. Shakespeare based the story on historical events – which offered him plenty of material for his creativity.

Henry V

This play chronicles the fortunes of the famous English monarch before and after the Battle of Agincourt. Henry V is a study of how myths are built and how history is presented. It gives us a vision of a strong leader and the trials they face and overcome. The play was part of Shakespeare’s series of four players that were based on the previous English kings. However, Henry V works very well as a standalone story.


Believed to be one of Shakespeare’s greatest works, Macbeth is seen as a form of crime drama. With Lady Macbeth playing the part of one of the greatest villains. The story follows a Scottish King and his rise and fall. It was based on a real Scottish king and his wife called Mac Bethad mac Findlaích and Gruoch. The play became legendary and was even believed to be cursed. Many actors refused to say the title of the play loud – it became known as “The Scottish Play.”