It may be difficult to imagine how to maximise the space in a small bathroom when you consider what you need to have inside. However, not everyone has the luxury of large bathrooms with enough room for lots of storage and wide enough to accommodate essential bathroom furnishings. There are smaller apartments that only have limited bathroom areas, and you won’t know where to begin. The good news is that maximising your small bathroom space is possible. You can even find a great collection of bathroom furniture suitable for your particular requirements.

Here are ideas to help you make use of your small bathroom space efficiently.

Make use of Neutral Colours

When considering colours for a small bathroom, it is best to stick to neutral colours. Light shades of grey, creams, and whites allow the space to look wider. It also keeps the bathroom looking brighter, whether it is windowless or not. They invite natural light or reflect bathroom lighting. In the same manner, a mirror can create the same illusion of more space in a small area.

Consider Shelves

Shelves are an excellent way to save space and act as storage for your bathroom essentials. Since they are on your bathroom walls, they do not take up floor space, which can accommodate your other bathroom furnishings. You can make them look more attractive by adding baskets that can hold bathroom items. You can also put unused shampoo, bottles of cream, and other accessories on display. Make sure that your eye-level shelves hold items that are often used.

Keep Clutter Out

Unnecessary items that overcrowd a small space will make it even smaller. Keep everything to a minimum. If you don’t need it in the bathroom, get rid of it. Make use of whatever storage you have for towels, toilet paper, soaps, and other essentials. At the same time, ensure that your storage spaces are not filled to overflowing. You may be tempted to keep adding items if you see a bit of extra storage space. It is best to keep things to a minimum.

Make use of Functional Accessories

Try to find accessories that are functional. Decorative bowls can work as storage spaces too. You can find attractive soap dispensers or get unique looking hooks to hang clothing or towels. If they look good and are useful, take advantage of them.

Decorate Minimally

A few accents here and there can add colour and character to the bathroom. Hang a few of your favourite paintings or portraits. Bring a bit of nature in with a plant strategically placed where it does not disrupt the movement within your bathroom. Plants thrive beautifully in bathrooms because of the moisture inside the room. Plants also bring the place to life.

Your small bathroom space is now maximised, and you can enjoy your personal time there. Make sure that you maintain it by keeping it neat. Remember that a messy bathroom will make it appear even smaller than it is, and defeat the purpose.