An air conditioning unit can be your ultimate best friend in summers, right? However, regardless of the quality, the air conditioning system may encounter certain issues as a result of continuous usage.

There are indeed numerous ways to check such issues and solve them. Don’t panic at all if you encounter any of them. Take a look at some of the most common AC issues and the best ways to handle them. Here you go!

Some Of The Most Common Air Conditioner Issues And The Best Ways To Handle Them

AC doesn’t start

It can be very frustrating to find that your AC just won’t start, especially when you have come back home after such a tiring day. Don’t get angry though, the issue might be the failure or the inappropriate setting of the thermostat. If you reset it and if it still doesn’t work, then the best way can be to replace it.

However, before running to the nearest store to buy a new one, you must first check the breaker box. It is possible that your AC circuit breaker may be responsible for the issue.

Your AC don’t seem to cool your home as desirable

Well, this problem is generally caused in case of some obstruction of the airflow. It can even result due to the low refrigerant. You can solve this issue by checking out the AC air filters. A blocked air filter can be a great obstacle for the airflow that is going back to the unit.

You can even clean the condenser or the evaporator coils by either vacuuming them or brushing them. In case you haven’t changed the air filters, then you need to get it replaced. Dirty or clogged filters not only block the regular airflow, but also drastically decrease the efficiency of the overall system.

However, if you have changed them recently, then you need to check out the outside AC unit. If it seems to have collected much dirt or debris, then it may probably be the reason.

Strange noise while AC is running

Unusual noises when your AC starts or accidental turning off might be very frustrating. It can indicate blower issues. However, sometimes it can also be a loosen screw that may result into undesirable noise. The noise may get disappeared once the screw gets properly tightened.

In case you are planning to unscrew your air conditioning system, make sure to turn off the electricity supply of your entire home before starting. It can be a risky venture though, so the best idea can be to contact professional air conditioning San Diego to handle the issue.

Moreover, the regular maintenance of your AC unit is also important to ensure its proper functioning. If it is not taken care of, then it might end up losing its efficiency that may lead to a considerable rise in your energy bills.

Getting your AC unit serviced before the summer commences can indeed be the best idea to start with. It will not only save you from the increment in your electricity bills, but also ensure your comfortable and pleasant stay indoors without any interruption, especially in the scorching heat of summer.

To conclude, the above few common issues can be easily resolved. However, in case of some serious trouble, don’t hesitate to call a professional right away!