Pamela Anderson has declined to partake in the viral Ice Bucket Challenge, in which individuals challenge each other to dump a pail of frosted water over their heads to bring issues to light for Lou Gehrig’s sickness, or ALS.

The “Baywatch” star, who is a long-standing every living creature’s common sense entitlement extremist, said the ALS Association has subsidized “barbarous” and “old fashioned” creature testing.

Pamela Anderson Rejects Ice Bucket Challenge

“I can’t bring myself to do your Ice container challenge. I delight in a decent set out – It’s generally great to accumulate mindfulness – fun, inventive ways. I would prefer not to detract from that…

“I thought Instead I’d challenge ALS to stop Animal testing… Attempting to cure human illnesses by depending on old fashioned and ineffectual creature tests isn’t just pitiless – its a grave damage to individuals who urgently need cures,” she composed on her Facebook page.

She further included, “Kindly help researchers make true advancement to treating and curing human ailments by going to to discover and help foundations that never hurt creatures and which pour their time and assets into cutting edge, guaranteeing, human-important cures.”

Her post on the interpersonal interaction site has so far gathered more than 43,000 preferences and very nearly 15,000 shares.