John Stevenson, who controlled ‘Kung Fu Panda’, will portray the epic story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ from the creatures’ perspective in an enlivened gimmick.

The story takes after an outsider aardvark by the name of Gilbert, who turns into the hesitant pioneer of a ragtag gathering of maverick creatures that need to be directed to the compelling ark before the looming surge.

Kung Fu Panda Director John Stevenson Boards Noah’s Ark

Along their voyage, they rally to overcome unforeseen hindrances, and eventually, Gilbert finds inside himself the inward quality and inventiveness to demonstrate that in an universe of ‘twos’, he was really bound to be ‘the one’.

“When Kurt and Keith approached me with the thought of taking the excellent story of Noah’s Ark and telling a more individual story inside the story, I seized the possibility. It’s so energizing to work with everybody at Unified Pictures and we’re blessed to have amassed such a stellar gathering of craftsmen to help make the film,” Stevenson said.

The energized comic drama takes after Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” featuring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson which turned out not long ago.