Summer is the favorite time for children. They have plenty of time ahead and eager to have fun. We propose some games to enjoy as a group (family and other children) outdoors. If you do not have a garden, nor is there a park near home, you can make on the terrace.

An outdoor play stimulates our children. The knowledge of their environment, animals, stimulate your senses … In the garden or in the park is precious than discover things and sensations. Those laugh outdoors. And especially that they moves: jump, run, fall and rise … up, down … a form of physical activity and over improve their interpersonal relationships. Anyway, all advantages so … pointing these outdoor games for children.

1. Gymkhana

Prepare and improvise a gymkhana for children is easy. With a little imagination and things you have at home you can do really fun outdoor games. The Gymkhana is to prepare different tests that children will have to overcome and get all won before. The more children, the better they will have fun. Depending on the age of children you can think of a type of evidence or other. For example: Put a hurdle race in the ground, throwing balls and put them in a bucket, burst balloons…

Outdoor Games For Children

2. Water

For children the water is a plan itself. They do not care to play fill buckets, to do rivers that getting wet one another … If you have a pipe and hot you can afford to play and see who does not get wet. Otherwise, the game of a lifetime to throw water balloons serves. The simplest things are often the most successful!

3. Search of Treasure

Hide a treasure and leave tracks in the garden. This is one of the outdoor games that always entertains them. Give children a plane and they discover step by step each track until you reach the end.

4. Cups Race

There are many versions of racing for kids …. Surely if you’ve thought about activities with children in a garden is a job you happened. Bags, obstacles … Today we suggest a different.

Making a race with a full glass of water on hand. The arrives without pulling the liquid wins. They dare?

5. Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles arouse fascination in almost all children. You can buy ready made mix or manufacture it yourself at home. Another game outdoors at home triumphs. You laugh so much running behind them to exploit.