Samsung is setting records on records in the market of smartphone whether it’s regarding the sales, number of launched gadgets or the massive specifications. Here we have a similar kind of example, the Galaxy Note 4 that is increasing the portfolio of phablets of Samsung.

Galaxy Note 4 got few but significant changes over the past gadget of series. If we talk about the rear panel, under the removable cover is a large extended battery with built-in NFC, as well as slots for microSIM-cards for microSD cards up to 128 GB. Assembling the smartphone itself at the highest level, no creaks or backlash, except S Pen, which “walks” within reason in its connector. Samsung Note 4 has the Super AMOLED display remained the same as last year – 5.7 ” in measurements. However, the resolution has increased from up to FullHD QHD (2560 × 1440), and the number of pixels per inch is now 515. All this beauty is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with a wonderful oleophobic coating.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Masterpiece

Many users consider such permission on your smartphone redundant, and to some extent they are right, but in Note 4 of the QHD-display has a really practical sense – multitasking. Since Phablet supports multi-mode, the resolution is a must for a clear display of small text, and other elements, so the curse Samsung for simple build numbers in this case is not entirely appropriate. The picture is very nice, clear and infinitely rich. It is worth noting that Samsung offers traditionally choose other modes of image, if you liking calmer colors. Margin of brightness in the device are very large, this problem did not arise. With a strong start to tilt the display color rainbow sparkle, so the viewing angles are not ideal here.

The speaker is on the back provides a high-quality sound. It lags behind HTC One, but also has its advantages. The speaker is very loud and loud enough that it causes discomfort, lost detail of the sound. Turn down the volume a bit, you can get comfortable, clean and high quality sound. Separately want to note the location of the speaker – not find a comfortable position in which the speaker was covered with a finger. Note 4, as well as other leaders of the Korean company, traditionally appeared on the market in two versions – with processors from Samsung and Qualcomm. The first version combines a combination of eight-processor Exynos 5433 and video card GPU Mali-T760. The second version is equipped with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805 and graphics Adreno 420 and RAM in the both versions 3 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the beast in the market but it is not alone, competitors are eating the share of Samsung phablet’s market, so Samsung should be serious enough for the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.