Having long flowing hair is every girl’s dream but, maintaining your original hair seems to be a tough task and is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is the reason why most of the girl’s prefer using hair extensions. A variety of hair extensions are available in the market; the toughest task is to figure out which one is the right choice for you.

Rather than experimenting with all of them, let’s get a sneak peak over which type of hair extension will match your personality.

  • Clip in hair extensions: It is fun trying clip in hair extensions. This type of hair extensions can be used whenever you want. They do not require any commitment unlike other types of hair extension that either have to be used and sued for the lifetime or you cant use them at all. They are easy to maintain and apply. You can wash and try any style you want, depending upon your mood just like your hair. They are available in wide choices. It is a wise decision to use remy hair are more durable and glossy than the synthetic hair extensions.
  • Keratin bonded or Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension is glued into your hair with the help of a hot tool by a keratin bond used at the top edge of the extension. They are the most popular hair extensions available in the market. The best feature of using Keratin bonded hair extension is that it offers longevity. It demands frequent visits to the salon for its proper maintenance. There are a lot of measure you will have to take once you try this type of hair extension. Some of them are:
  • Avoid using conditioners or oil.
  • Do not expose your hair to direct heat. This may reduce the strength of the bond, thereby making your extension to come out earlier than they should have last.
  • Do not Blow-dry, even if you have to, blow dry the tips first and then tilt your head to dry the roots. Do not expose the bond to direct heat, this will weaken the bond. Keratin Hair Extension can last for a maximum of 3 months, but if handled with care you can extend it to five months.
  • Wave Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension works fine for people who have thick and curly hair, that is difficult to manage. The process begins by selecting a portion of your hair which is then braided. The braided portion is then sewn with the sew in hair extensions. This helps in managing the dull frizzy hair. Since these hair extensions are sewn with the original hair, it becomes necessary to visit the salon in every six weeks to assess if the bond needs to tighten. The durability of the sew in hair extensions depends upon the quality of the original hair and also whether your hair strand can handle an additional weight of the hair extensions.
  • Tape Hair Extensions: There is a myth associated with Tape hair extensions and that is it damages the original hair. However, if applied correctly and taken care, they are outstanding. They are connected to the original hair by wide wefts that seems to be looking like a two-sided tape.The original hair is placed between this weft and is clamped to be one. They give you a luscious voluminous look.

Extensions not only increases the length but also adds volume to it. If you have thin or short hair, just find out the right hair extension that suits your hair texture and flaunt it.