20 years ago, nobody knew what event management was. People had a myth, that managing an event only focussed on tasting the quality of the food and looking over the arrangements.Nowadays, lot many companies are offering event management services. The best part of event management is you can plan your corporate event without any tension and troubles. The event management company will do the job for you. Here are some of the ways, how an event management company can help you in organizing an event.

  • Planning and coordinating: The entire event depends on how you have been planning and then coordinating with your to-do list. You need to focus and consider the 5 W’s of the event, they are, “What”, “Who”, “Where”. “Why” and “When”. Before you start planning, make a list of the expectations of the client and an another list where you want to add experimental ideas. This involves
  • Making a team that is efficient enough to prepare the schedules and agenda.
  • Targeting the guests and knowing what your clients expects.
  • Preparing a budget.
  • Making a guest list.
  • Assigning a deadline to each of the project.
  • Communicate frequently to know which deadlines have been met and the one’s that are pending.
  • Follow the plan: This phase divides your energy into various fields. This is the most critical stage of the event as the venue and the date is approved. This stage involves
  • Getting the approval for the budget you have prepared.
  • Initiating the marketing on social media.
  • Inform the media about the event.
  • Ensure the plans are running on the track.
  • Stay active: Collaborate with all the sponsors, guests and your teammates. Get the approval from the catering managers, firework team and the decorators at least 24 hrs before the event. If you have a proper management, your event will be a blast. This includes
  • Make a list of the guest who have given the confirmation about attending the wedding.
  • Prepare a list of stationery that will be needed during the event.
  • Check the transportation arrangements.
  • Ask volunteers to escort VIP.
  • Organise the final day: After so much of struggle and hard work, the D-day has arrived. Now is the time when you have to ensure if everything goes according to the plan. Stop assuming and have a clear insight of the picture. Make sure you arrive a couple of hours before the commencement of the event. Ensure that all the equipment like microphone and speakers are running properly. The presentation is the ultimate thing so ensure that the reception is beautifully decorated. Make sufficient space for the sponsors to place their banners. Give the details of the guests and VIP’s to avoid any mistake. Appoint the best photographer to capture the event.

Every event teaches you something, but don’t get overwhelmed; you can improve a lot. Collect feedbacks from the guests and the volunteers.Understand the reaction of the participants and see what impact did it created on the guests. There is no place for hiding if you fail as an event manager. So, keep in mind these tips and escape any problems if they arrive.