Used cars are the perfect choice when you are low on cash or just don’t want to buy the new car, as the value depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. Often people do not perform any research before making the purchase and end up blaming themselves for buying a used car. However, if they would have been more careful; things could have been different.

Here are 5 mistakes that you must avoid while buying a Used car –

1. Tires

When buying a car always check the tyre condition. If the tires are more than five4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Used Cars year old, make sure that you get them inspected. Most manufacturers suggest that the unhealthy tyres must be replaced before buying the car. As factors like safety, mileage and engine health depends a lot on the condition of the tires. Look at the sidewalls of the tyre, it has the year and the week in which the tyre is manufactured. For example, 2515 will mean that the tyre was made in the 25th week of the year 2015. If you miss checking the date of the tyre, you may end up spending more than you should.

2. (not) Buying a certified Car

Let us take an example. Let A be a car manufacturer who manufactures the car4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Used Cars model ABC. The car ABC is purchased by a man who then sells it to a used car dealer. Now the car dealer gets  a certification for the car ABC, from a certifying agency XYZ. The car is then put up for sale and is purchased by another man.

In this process, the new buyer has suffered a loss because the original manufacturer of the car has not certified the car. Instead, another agency is involved which might have different standards for giving certification. Therefore it is necessary to purchase a manufacturer certified car otherwise you are likely to face problem like engine breakdown and low mileage.

3. Doing the Required Research

Research can be the primary step to buying a used car. Market experts suggest that the buyers who do not invest time in doing the research for the pre-owned cars, or you can end 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Used Carsup on the losing side. You can begin your research in your neighbourhood; ask them for suggestions and recommendation for dealers they know. You can discuss in your social and professional circles about the vehicles and get the information about the response of the vehicle after few years of purchase and the issues they face. This will help you gain some knowledge about the vehicle that will come handy when you go for buying the car.

4. Price

Consumers have a habit of being lazy in terms of price research. Thinking t4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Used Carshat the price of the cars do not vary much; they tend to be comfortable paying few thousand dollar more just for the lack of enthusiasm in cutting down their expenses. Therefore, it is advisable that you make double checks for the price and do research on multiple platforms. Use internet and market based price research to shortlist the car of your choice.


There are many benefits of purchasing used cars. If you put in some efforts, you can find a machine that fulfills the purpose of buying and also cost effective.