There are many people who simply love to have food and would like to visit those places that do offer them with a variety of delicacies or help them to enhance their knowledge with regards to this interesting subject. Bangalore and its outskirts do boast of having numerous places that can be considered to be a foodie paradise. Doing some research can help you as a foodie lover to know the different interesting places and food related activities that you can participate.

The city of Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city, with people of all ages and diverse communities coming from all the corners of the country, there is plenty of things to be seen, experienced, felt and tasted in this city. There have come up various types of food courts, restaurants and fast food centers that have been catering towards the different demands of the food lovers. If you really want to taste something new, delicious and exciting, then you should definitely go out on the streets of Bangalore or check out the restaurants that have mushroomed here, offering cuisines from across the globe. You are sure to enjoy your stay and having food in Bangalore and not to miss home.

Various things to do in Bangalore for food lovers

  • Enjoying having Chocolates at Jus’ Trufs: This place is meant primarily for those who are chocolate freaks and simply cannot live without it. Jus’ Trufs does boast of having variety of chocolates and related products that you are sure to love. Moreover, cuisines like continental are offered by the dine-in café, which is worth the try. You can have chocolate coffee or hazelnut chocolate pizza which when carefully selected is sure to curb your cravings. You can also enjoy poetry, comedy, festive specials, storytelling, screenings, etc. Also, are provided by them is interesting chocolate tours.

Interesting Things For Foodies To Take Part When In Bangalore

  • Sipping up at Wine Tours: Wines are grown in abundance in Bangalore, since its fertile soil and weather favor the growth of good quality grapes. There are many wineries that have come up in the outskirts of Bangalore to cater to the demands of the wine aficionados. Heritage and Grover is considered to be the most popular among them. The tours can help you to know more about winemaking art, right the fermentation stage to that of bottling, to differentiate wines and to develop appreciation to have exotic wine. If available, you can indulge in grape stomping. Wine making and wine tasting workshop can be found around the town.
  • Slurping and Gulping at V.V.Puram Food Street: You can come across hot kachoris, pakoras and bhajis, mouth watering kulfis that is likely to bring happiness in everyone. The favorite street foods can be found everywhere in the city that you can try out. V.V. Puram Food Street is quite popular in this regard, where you can avail speedy service and tasty, sumptuous food within your budget.

Interesting Things For Foodies To Take Part When In Bangalore

In short, going out well-equipped with the details of where to find delicious items can help you to get food that is sure to make you come back for more.