You cannot explore wildlife to the fullest extent until and unless you do it the way you are supposed to do it. It is neither possible to roam about free within the forests, for obvious safety regionsnor do air-conditioned cars make the cut. You need to feel the air and aroma around you in order to get a sense of the wild, with the right amount of protection. So, how do you do that?

Well, the answer’s really simple- take a jeep and the Corbett national park safari does just that. You can book for a jeep safari through the grounds of the park, spread out over an area of 520.8 sq km. This jeep ride takes you through the dense lanes of the forests and even through the grasslands so that you can take a look at how the wild remains in the wild.

A Little Bit More About the Jim Corbett National Park Safari

First and foremost when it comes to a safari through the first ever national park of India, you need to have permission from the forest department. So, before you book the safari, you must get the necessary papers processed and obtain the permission.

You can call this the highlight of your tour through the park. The jeeps are open ones so that you can actually enjoy the air of the wild. Your driver will take you through areas where the chances of spotting a tiger are the highest. In fact, they often use signals to track the tigers, and hence, take the car in that direction. The main purpose of this jeep safari is to make sure that you get to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. If you have any special preferences, like suppose you want to see a particular animal, then you can inform the driver and he will take you to areas of the park where spotting them would be easy.

Never forget to keep your camera ready. You just might spot one animal here, and then, another in the very next moment. Always be ready with your camera or there is a high chance that you might miss out on a good photograph since it is always not possible to stop the jeep to take a snapshot.

How to get the Booking Done?

You will have to book for the safari well beforehand. If you are from India, then get the booking done 30 days before the date of your visit, and if you are not an Indian national, then you can book for the tour 90 days before. All the booking can be done online. The Jim Corbett National Park authority’s advice to book for the jeep tours beforehand because then you will be able to get a particular tour in your desired time. Time slots are divided for various tours throughout the day, and hence, if one slot gets filled up, you have to opt for another one. So, get your bookings done fast!

Now that you know how the entire process works; go ahead and plan your jeep safari through the wilds of the Jim Corbett National Park. If you need any assistance in planning your tour to Jim Corbett National Park, visit the link and send an enquiry to  get the best quotes on Corbett National Park tour packages.