Tire dry rot are the physical signs that a tire is losing its value after a period of time where their original color may fade away, or have cracks on the walls of the tire. A tire definitely loses its value after a period of time, but if the tire is not taken good care of it could lose its value before its expected time therefore it is important to take care of your car tires for them to last long. Maintaining car tires could be difficult and one could easily forget but it is always the best solution to save you money by purchasing new tires. Here are some of the ways you can use to always keep your tires in a good condition and make them last for long too if carefully followed:

  • Keep away from sunlight

Long exposure of your tires to the ultraviolet rays could damage your tires by causing a dry rot which mostly occurs if a car is parked under the sun. Therefore it is important to always park your car in well shaded areas like under the trees or in an enclosed placed away from sunlight. Too much sunlight affects the tires since they are made of rubber where it causes photo degradation in the tires and they wear out. You should also prevent your tire from heat and a lot of exposure to oxygen since it will eat up your tires with time.

How To Prevent Tire Dry Rot

  • Apply a tire protector

It is always advised to apply a tire protector to your tires monthly to avoid tire rotting besides taking good care of your tires. The water-based protectors are the best where you apply using a piece of cloth according to the instructions given by the company.

  • Lack of use

The car tires are usually made of a rubber compound that comprises of a protective wax that usually safeguards the tire from oxidation after blooming has occurred. Blooming is the process in which the wax reaches the surface of the tire whenever the tire is in motion where it stretches and compresses during use. When the tire is not in use then the wax left at the surface of the tire is used up through oxidation. Also if the car is not in use blooming does not occur therefore more wax is not replaced leading to the degradation of the unused tire thus, it is important to keep using your tires.

  • Tire age

You may keep your car away from too much sunlight or oxygen but it is not a guarantee that your tire is safe therefore you should keep replacing your tires once in awhile if they start wearing out. If the tires age for too long and are still in use then they start to rot slowly which is dangerous especially if you are driving. The tires are usually made of an inner thickness that decreases with time when exposed to oxygen and heat which is unavoidable.

  • Avoid washing the tires frequently

Washing your tires thoroughly and frequently will enhance the look of that tire at that time but at the same time you are removing the tire protectors hence the tire will not last for long. Therefore, it is not advised to wash the tires as frequently as you may wash the rest of the car for maintenance purposes.

  • Avoid shinning your tires

Most of these tire shines contain chemicals and antioxidants which are added by the tire manufacturers that dissolve the wax protectors. This will reduce the lifespan of this tires though they remain shiny all the time.

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