When the date of the wedding comes near, the tension and the pressure increases, as you have a lot of arrangements to be made. If you really don’t have a clear picture of the things that are to be done then you get stuck up on your wedding day. There are few important things that you really need to take care of if you want a perfect and properly arranged wedding. There are a lot many things that need to be taken care of right from the shopping, guest lists, venue, party, decorations, music, photography, wedding dress, make up and a lot many things that keeps adding to your list once you start on with the wedding preparations. Making a list of things that you should do and the things that you should not do will really help you to have a perfect wedding without any stress. The planning becomes really important if you have a limited budget and you need to do all your preparations within that budget. Decide the amount of money that you are going to invest in each area of your wedding and limit it under your budget. At http://wedding-makeup.co.uk/makeup/how-to-have-a-lovely-wedding-on-a-tight-budget/we bring you some tips that will really help you in the proper planning of your wedding in limited budget.

Here are some important tips that will really help you to if you have a tight budget

  • The first and the most important things don’t go for the products and the accessories that are too expensive. You can get a lot number of products at cheap price and that will really be helpful for you. Just take suggestions from your friends and family and they will suggest you the place that offers the best product at the cheapest prices.
  • When you make a list of your guest be very limited and tight on it, don’t try to invite everyone for it. If the list of your guest is less it will automatically reduce your expense and you can use it for some other work. Your close family and friends will be enough to make your wedding day special. Increasing the guest number unnecessarily will cause problems on your budget. Make sure you don’t invite people whom you hardly know.
  • The third way that will help you to save your money is doing your makeup by your own. If you learn the tips and the way to do the wedding make up it will really save a huge amount of your money that you invest by going to the beauty salons. There are a number of online sites that gives you the free make up tips. Get the help from there and do our own makeup. It will have two advantages one your money will be saved and the second you will learn how to do professional or the wedding makeup.
  • One more area where you can save money is while shopping for your wedding gown. Go to the places and the stores where you get the best wedding dress at cheap prices. Today the brides invests a huge amount of their budget on the wedding dress but this is not a wise idea. You can take help of your friends for this. There are also many online stores that offer you really an elegant and beautiful dress for your wedding.
  • For the after wedding party and the flower decorations consult your friends or the relatives who are already into these businesses. This will help you to get huge discount from them.

Use these suggestions at the time of your wedding and see how helpful it is to save your money and get adjusted within your fixed budget.