A wedding invite equals an official witnessing ceremony. This means that you must dress right and have the schedule or the wedding programme. Therefore, when you have an official task to do, you will feel ambushed. To perform your task well, you must be presentable. There are many dos and don’ts and considerations for weddings. They are discussed below:

Wedding Theme

Dress according to the stipulated theme. Your invite comes with information like the theme and the venue. Research and even ask the couple to give clarifications on the theme. Adhering to these shows your support and respect towards the couple. It also helps in fitting in and being at ease.

The Venue

This will help in selecting the type of shoes and even dress or suit to wear. A wedding in the garden will call for chunky heels, wedges or wide shaped high heels. A ballroom wedding reception and officiation will give you the chance to wear any high heel you are comfortable in. The type of dress or suit worn will also be determined by the venue.


Summer and winter weddings will have totally different and distinctive dressing. Petite, regular and plus size wholesale clothing are available for all these seasons. You should however be well or presentably dressed in the weddings you are invited to. The season will also determine the colour to be worn. Long dresses and stockings will be worn by many in winter and short, bright, floral and light clothing worn in summer.

Traditions and Culture

Some Jews, Africans, Indians, Muslim and other groups are particular in terms of dressing and fashion. Despite trends, when attending a wedding for friends whose culture insists on a code, you should try your best to dress in a respectful manner. The best part is that there are numerous stores with fashionable cultural clothing, so you will fit in comfortably.

No Sneakers

Even when the wedding invitation outlines the dressing code as casual, you shouldn’t wear sneakers. You value comfort, but that isn’t a valid reason or an excuse to wear sneakers. A good pair of comfortable flat shoes or suede for gentlemen is preferred in casual wedding settings.

Do not Wear White

Unless the wedding dressing code is all-white, do not wear white to a wedding. In as much as you want to impress and to be the best dressed in the wedding, don’t compete with or outshine the bride.

Dress Your Body Type

Your body shape and type is most likely different from the one of the model wearing a beautiful dress. Get a dress or suit that will accentuate your body shape. Plus size or petite bodies have perfect outfits designed to bring out the best of the features and body shapes.

In conclusion, your presence at a wedding should be appealing. You may be the best dressed guest and this is a good thing only if you adhere to the theme, season, culture as well as the colour scheme, if there is any. Don’t wear tacky clothing and you should also avoid mini dresses or shorts if they are acceptable in the dressing code.