Idea of aliens’ visiting Earth has been circulating all over the world since several decades. It is not a surprise as human imagination knows no bounds and has been instrumental in its race’s survival as well as evolution. Our curious nature has always compelled us to search for logic and reason behind every occurrence and phenomenon.

Some of the primeval mysteries regarding aliens and their theories are listed below:-

  • One of the ideas say that ancient aliens visited Earth and influenced the human and primate population by genetic engineering and cross breeding, thus, exposing us to development, technology and religion.
  • UFOs are thought to be the best evidence regarding the existence of aliens and one of the most intriguing concepts arose from it, i.e., Men in Black, who were known to threaten the UFO witnesses.
  • It is said that all the technological advancements achieved by us are because of the aliens’ knowledge and equipments and they have taken an uncanny interest in our evolution, especially with the advent of nuclear technology.
  • Some other theories based on the concept of aliens include existence of angels on Earth, spaceship moon theory, miracle of the Sun, etc.

Ancient Alien Mysteries Which Continue To Mesmerize People Till Today


Widely regarded as the alien species responsible for most of the alien abductions, greys are considered to be intellectual creatures who experiment on humans medically. They have small androgynous bodies, smooth grey skin, large eyes and big heads. They lack basic human organs and lack in physical aspects of body like chest and muscles.

Animal Mutilation

It is defined as the killing and mutilation of cattle including sheep and horses under unexplainable conditions. This mutilation is unusual in its own way since the abducted animals are found with their blood being completely drained out of them and missing internal organs. Wounds found on the bodies seemed to have been produced by extreme heat and pointed, highly advanced and precise tools.

Solway Firth Spaceman

 In 1964, Jim Templeton took about five photographs of his daughter, while he was away with his family for a day trip. In the second photograph, a figure was captured in a garment looking like a space suit we use today. The photos were found to be genuine after deep analysis due to which it became an object of mystery and global fascination.

It was also reported that on the same day, a missile launch was cancelled because two figures terrifyingly similar to the one photographed were seen at the location of firing range.

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