While on a bike hunt you need to be very careful and should have open eyes since a bike can be your best friend for a number of years to come and you would not like to compromise on the quality and make of the bike. Thus make sure you check the condition of the bike whether you are going for a new bike or even a used bike and here are some tips to begin with or you can check out bikechatter:

Checking the wheels and brakes:

The wheels are the most important part of the bike thus you need to examine the bike wheels carefully against any holes or rust around the frame. You can try to measure the distance between the rim and brake shoe to check if there are any discrepancies as it can be made easily available if you do that. Also check the brakes and how wheels stop to them.

How about trying it yourself?

This is step you need to do in order to make a confirmation about all your inspection decisions. Giving the bike a test drive can help you determine the condition of wheels and how the brakes are, and the condition of the chains, suspension cables etc.

The seat post:

A good carbon frame seat post should be stiff and correctly attached with the frame below. You can check this thing by lifting the bike with the seat about a few inches above the ground and then letting it go. Now you should be noticing the sound it makes, if there is no sound that it is good but if a rattling sound is noticed then there is a moment of concern. Also you can use a torch to examine the area around the clamp of the seat post for any possible defects.

Checking the steering assembly:

When you are about to buy a new bike, you need to do a research before you get the bike and make sure that you read all the technical specifications of the bike which interests you and when you go to the store, make sure that the bike at the store has all the features and parts listed on the website. For this purpose you need to examine the whole steering assemble carefully against any defects even you can use a torch. If you find any part strange or replaced in the bike, better not buy it.