Drug testing using saliva

Saliva testing is a diagnostic technique that involves laboratory analysis of saliva. Saliva or oral fluid can provide a quick and non-evasive specimen for drug testing. It has been mainly applicable in testing for drug abuse, according to an article found in NCBI. So if you want to pass your very own saliva drug testing, you can read this article to help you with from the get-go.


Ways to Pass

  1. Know how the test works- a saliva drug test or a test that is based in fluids can detect if a person has used drugs in the past hours or days. This test has become more customary since it’s convenient and is low-cost. Saliva testing can also detect substances that are found in your blood.
  1. Do not use drugs 1-4 days before getting tested- Most of the drug tested saliva are taken to the laboratory directly, which makes it a bit difficult to contaminate and substitute your saliva. Saliva testing does not have any privacy concerns, unlike urine testing (which needs you to be alone in a cubicle or a place to pee). It means that you might be watched while being tested. One of the sure ways to pass a drug test is to refrain from drug use during the period when you are being detected-that is 1-4 days before the testing day.
  1. Rinse your mouth properly- rinse any food, mouthwash or beverages out of your mouth, as study shows that these components give a temporary effect on the results of your saliva drug test. But these results don’t last very long, though. It only lasts until 30 minutes after being tested. That is why some drug testing companies will recommend that you do not drink or eat at least 30 minutes before the test begins. During the 30 minutes, people from the laboratory or the company might observe you, to make sure you abide to their requirement. It may be do your disadvantage if you still decide not to follow this rule, because if the contamination of the saliva is detected upon testing, they might ask you to re-take the test again.

Those are just ways to pass a drug testing for saliva. If you follow properly, you might avoid getting into problems and avoid any re-takes you might possibly get.