There are several reasons why you may wish to purchase wholesale hotdogs.  The primary one is probably that you have a food business and need to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price.  However, you may simply enjoy hot dogs and realize that it is substantially cheaper to purchase them directly from the wholesaler.

Alternatively you may be looking to cater a specific party or event.  You may even have found that the hot dogs provided by one wholesaler taste the best and you cannot get them anywhere else!

Where To Get Wholesale Hot Dogs

Whatever the reason it is a good idea to check a few facts before you start buying your wholesale hot dogs.

The Supplier

Some suppliers, such as Soloways have been operating for several years.  They have established a good reputation and look after their customers.

Before you select a supplier, even if you think their wholesale hot dogs are the best around; you will need to verify them.

Every supplier should have a selection of certificates which prove their capabilities as wholesalers and their license to handle such products.  They should have the appropriate hygiene certificates and be able to confirm where the meat comes from and that it complies with all the necessary standards.  Only if they are able to do all of this should you consider purchasing wholesale hot dogs from them.


It is also worth verifying the reputation of your chosen hot dog supplier.  Even if it is just a one off event you will need to know they have the quantity of sausages you need and they are all of good quality.  You can assess the reputation of any firm by looking online at the forums and social media sites.  The general consensus should be that they are a good firm!


Part of the reason you go directly to the wholesaler is that the cost should be substantially cheaper than purchasing it at the supermarket.  It is best to verify the cost of the quantity you need before you order.  If there is little difference to the supermarkets you will need to ask why and attempt to negotiate a reduction.


It is also worth checking what is in your wholesale hotdogs.  This is in terms of nutritional value and the percentage of meat.  Whilst this may not be important if you are planning a one of event it is useful to know if you are running a food business.  At some point you will be asked the question!

It is also useful to know as you will be able to assess whether the wholesale hot dogs they are selling are right for your intended customer or not.

Dealing with the Public

It is worth double checking that they are happy to deal with the public or small firms.  Most wholesale hot dog suppliers are but you may find that you are the first to lose out if there is a shortage of hot dogs for any reason.

Consider carefully what your aim is before you commit to a specific wholesaler!