The stereotypical image of football boots is a mud-splattered pair resting on sheets of newspaper, but what are the best ways of keeping your boots clean and fresh?

How To Keep Your Football Boots Clean and Fresh

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The number one top tip for keeping boots clean and lasting longer is to remove as much mud as possible from your football boots immediately after the game has ended. It is important to clean your boots before the mud has dried, as leaving it can lead to the material of the boots disintegrating over time.


As tempting as it is, throwing your boots in the shower after a game can do more harm than good, but what is the best way to wash your boots? Firstly, take a cloth and a bucket of hot water – no soap is required – and scrub the boots as thoroughly as you can until there is no dirt left; in addition, make sure that you clean the laces thoroughly.


When you have finished washing your boots, you need to dry them thoroughly. Firstly, scrunch up some newspaper and put it inside your boots. This will help them to keep their shape and the newspaper will absorb any water, helping them to dry faster. Find a dry spot and leave your boots there for approximately 24 hours. Do not dry them in front of a radiator, as getting too hot can damage them.

How To Keep Your Football Boots Clean and Fresh

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Odour beaters

Unless you have a very rare disorder whereby you do not sweat, one of the challenges you will be faced with is how to keep your boots smelling fresh considering that they will be home to your sweaty socks for at least 90 minutes on match day! There are a number of methods, specialist products and ideas for dealing with the unpleasant smell. Scholl has an ‘odour control’ shoe spray that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, while Nikwax’s sandal wash may also work. Another well-touted method is sprinkling baking soda in your boots and leaving them overnight after each use.