18th June 2017 would be celebrated as Father’s Day and there is less time left for you to decide about the perfect gift for father’s day. Before you start scouting the market, take a look at the suggestions below and start buying lovely present for your handsome dad.

1. Wrist Watch

You know that men have a very weak spot in their heart for this accessory. How many wrist watch your dad has? Increase his collection this time with a designer watch which he would proudly flaunt among his friends and relatives. Just Google about the expensive watch brands and visit various online shops to spot the desirable gift.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Feng Shui says that keeping a lucky bamboo plant in home or office enhances the good fortune of anyone. East and South East are the most favorable directions to keep this plant and enjoy the ripe benefits out of that. Health, wealth, happiness, peace, and prosperity would be multiplied with this one gift.

3. Beer Mug

If your dad is an ardent beer lover, you can get a personalized beer mug for him. All the fabulous boys and girls out there who loves to enjoy a drinking session with their dads, this is the best father’s day gift you can give him. Include his picture and a perfect quote to decorate this mug.

4. Leather Wallet and Desk Organizer

A sleek and sophisticated leather wallet along with a desk organizer where your dad can keep the small and important things like pen drive, pen, charger, USB cable, etc. would be a nice choice of gift. He would keep that on his office desk with pride for sure!

5. Gramophone Shaped Book Shelf

If your dad loves the old world charms, you can try this one as a gift on father’s day. Gramophone takes us back to the golden old era when people just started listening to music electrically. While in today’s age of e-reading, books are still sold like hot cakes because the printed words on pages have a different level of effect on people. So, call a carpenter and prepare a book shelf that looks like a gramophone.

6. Red Roses And A Fruit Delight Cake

If you live away from your dad (like in most cases with married women), you can opt for any online gift portal and select the gorgeous bunch of red roses along with a fruit delight cake for your dad. Now, write a letter to your dad who has always been a support to you. This father’s day gift from daughters would be an alluring one for sure because upon receiving it he could hardly hold back tears of happiness.