Family cinema trips are fun, but the cost of travel, tickets, and treats can make it a very expensive outing. Why not stay at home instead? Close the curtains, dip the lights and line up some tasty food and you have all the makings of a great night in that’s just as much fun, if not more.

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Food for a family film night at home should be easy to prepare and eat, and here are a few things that fit the bill perfectly. The bonus is if you do need to arrange TV Aerial Installation Swansea these goodies can be prepped while that is being taken care of.

Chicken Three Ways

Please, everyone’s taste buds with a plate of chicken made up of coated wings (spicy if you like), breaded goujons and fried drumsticks. Serve with ketchup or sauce to taste.

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Pizza is always a top choice for easy eating on the sofa. Plus you can order in, cook from the freezer or even make your own.

Hot Dogs

Another popular go-to choice, you only need buns, sausages, onions, and sauce. Veggie sausages work well too.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Kids love to make their own creations, so let them loose with a bowl, a few tubs of different flavors of ice cream, sauces, and toppings, and you have an easy treat that takes ages to eat. If you urgently need someone to check your TV aerial – due to the sudden wind, for example – making this is a great distraction while you look for someone like TV Aerial Installation Swansea company Onevision ltd to help.

Cinema Picnic Box

If you have a family with different tastes or just like a good bit of choice, a picnic box is a fabulous idea. Put out a selection of items on the table and let everyone help themselves to create a unique ‘box’ (or plate/bowl combo). Items like sausage rolls, nachos, sliced fruit, popcorn, wrapped chocolates, mini burgers, and small cakes are perfect.

Fancy Drinks
Make milkshakes, smoothies or juice bends with lemonade in plastic travel cups with straws for a realistic cinema drink experience.