Innsbruck is a cultural city, filled with places worth visiting, good food and very nice people. A place like Innsbruck is warm, even though it depends of the season, and welcoming. The city conquers your heart and takes your breath away with its beautiful art and architecture.

What Can You See In Innsbruck?

What are some important places to visit in Innsbruck?

Here is what you must see in Innsbruck:

  1. The Golden Roof- this gothic window was built in 1496 in order to commemorate the marriage between Maximilian I and Bianca Maria Sforza. At first, it was used as a box, from where royalties used to watch the festivities taking place in the market. The Golden Roof should definitely be on your must see list. It is made of 2.657 gilded copper tiles and is absolutely fantastic.
  1. Emperor’s Tomb and the Hofkirche- this church is one of the most beautiful buildings in Innsbruck. It has 3 aisles and the building was finished in 1563 in a late Gothic style. The most visited thing here is the tomb of the Emperor Maximilian I. This building is considered one of the most beautiful artwork of the German Renaissance sculpture. The building was actually built as a glorification of the Roman Empire.
  1. The Hofburg- this is Innsbruck’s old Court Palace and it was built between the 15th and the 16th Ultimately it was remodeled in the 18th century, when Maria Theresa specifically said so, using the Baroque and Rococo styles. Nowadays, you can see the best of this old palace through a guided tour.
  1. The Bergisel’s Olympic Legacy- as it is a sports city, you must see this 746-meters-tall hill. The Olympia ski-jump here was built to replace the older Olympic structure. Alongside they also built a tower that offers some of the great views over the entire city, including the Old Town.

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