An audience response system is a technological advancement that allows students in a classroom to respond or answer to multiple-choice questions that are often displayed on a screen. Immediately after students click their responses using remote devices, the results are collected, summarized and presented to the class in visual formats. The commonly used visual format is the histogram. The responses are anonymous to classmates, but the teachers can associate the audience response systems devices to individual students for test-concepts being covered. Audience Response Systems have been used to improve student engagement, interaction, attention, to stimulate peer and class discussion, and for feedback for both students and instructors. Read about how using one of these systems can improve dissemination of instructions and improve learning performance.

How Audience Response Systems Benefit Education


Some topics are very sensitive yet very crucial to students. An example is the sex education. Educators may want to discuss these topics with their students. Anonymity in the polling gives the students and educators a chance to express openly their views, feelings, curiosities, theories they know, without feeling self-conscious or ashamed. This gives both parties (students and educators) clear insights into how each thinks and feels.

Content Retention

In studies and researches done in the past reveal that majority of people only retain about twenty minutes of content in their short-term memory. This is before they can move to reflect on it to internalize fully. By using an Audience Response System, and issuing soft breaks for reflection, educators help their class move information into their long-term memory.

Flash Feedback

Polling makes it possible to collect responses from every student to check their grasping capabilities. Educators also get instant feedback on how their students are progressing with their classes.

Active Learning

Classroom Response Systems help improve students’ participation in class. This is prompted by the freedom and security guaranteed by the anonymity of the Audience Response Systems. Also, the shy students get a chance to participate actively and exploit their full potential.

Audience Response Systems use student analysis as the basis for class discussion.

The way in which the students respond lays the basis for the class discussion and directrs where the discussion should be focused.

Additional Products and Services

Audience Response Keypads– these wireless audience response keypads also called response card provide more accurate and fast collection of votes in any event space. With a closed circuit wireless network and standalone receiver, they can collect responses from thousands of clickers in a very short period.

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Mobile Audience Response-they provide mobile audience response solution for everyone who wants to add interactive elements to their live events and training.
Reporting and Data Analytics- they provide powerful as well as easy-to-use online and offline analytics, reports and custom data processing services that assist in achieving all the set goals.

Audience Response Software– they offer PowerPoint integration, electronic voting tools, gaming applications and mobile solutions for tablets and smartphones.

Enterprise Solutions-they work closely with IT departments of large corporations where they manage the release cycles and upgrades of their hardware and software.

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