The art of writing a resume does not occur as an overnight skill. Instead, you need to practice regularly on how to attain the qualification. The internet remains full of information on how to write the best resumes and acts as a reference database for anyone interested in creating a captivating resume. The first step that remains appreciated remains that an individual has taken an opportunity to identify ways of making his or her resume better.

Writing a bio acts as the crucial necessary tool for anyone planning to attain employment and as such its appearance is vital. The presentation of a resume has to capture the mind of a hiring professional by captivating the mind and clearly illustrating the qualifications of a person. People should shun away from sticking to techniques used in the past in writing a bio, and the tips below will act as guidance to anyone planning to improve their resumes.

  • Micromanagement

The art of micromanagement does not only apply to business strategies, the same skill as the employment sector and as such, but the general rule of a short bio also does not have a part to play. The micro bio involves a brief description of yourself mainly used on the social platforms while the more extended bio serves to identify your skills and competencies to the various employment agencies.

  • Third person perspective

The resume written with an active voice does not strike as captivating to the mind of an employment agency compared to the use of the third person perspective. The third person perspective implies that even though the writer of resume participates in the creation of content within a resume, the content remains narrated as a third person inclusion. For instance; instead of writing ‘I am a qualified cardiologist’ the qualified writer bio states that ‘James is an experienced doctor in the field of cardiology’.

  • Get personal

The increased number of funny biographies have flooded the human resource departments of companies and as such everyone strives to develop new strategies for making the resumes outstanding. One way of getting the attention of employers is to employ the art of giving your work a personal touch to eradicate the common distractors of other work resumes. Involve your details in the resume such as a doctor would make a diagnosis of his patient.

  • Highlight credentials

The actual reason behind anyone developing resume is to sell their skills and expertise to potential employers and ascertaining that they get their desired skill imputed to companies. When creating a personal resume ensure that the main features of the resume that stands out should be your strong attributes. Highlighting your credential can occur as text written in bold or unique characters such as the use of italics.

  • Start high

The common notion on writing resumes remains that a resume should be as long as you desire although this ideology remains displaced given the habits of familiar employers. Statistics show that most employers tend to ignore bios that are lengthy and wordy with the thought of the bios containing a lot of jibber jabber. If you want to create a strong resume that commands the attention of any reader, it remains vital that you employ the art of including critical accolades at the start of the resumes.


None the less, recall not to fill your whole text with special characters that may change its role from a resume to an advertisement in a newspaper. Unique highlighters make an eighth of your entire work.