Being stuck in a dead-end job with no opportunities for advancement can become very disheartening. Lacking the right skills, background or experiences often means that a better paying position may be forever out of your reach. Trade schools and technical programs that can be completed with a fraction of the cost or time needed to complete a traditional degree program may hold the solution you have been seeking.

Medical Training

Many medical certifications can be earned in a single semester or less. Trade schools can allow you to become a phlebotomist, nursing assistant or even an emergency medical technician in far less time than you might expect. Once you are qualified to work within the medical industry, it may even be possible to find an employer who is willing to offer tuition assistance in order for you to pursue additional certifications or to complete a degree.

Electronics and Manufacturing

Manufacturing is another industry that may provide a wide range of professional opportunities. Electronics trade programs can allow you to become a qualified electrician, technician or to meet the hiring requirements needed to find the employer of your dreams. Becoming licensed or obtaining a professional certification can often be done in just one or two semesters.

Programming and IT Skills

IT jobs are always in demand and possessing the right skill set can allow you to enjoy a brighter and more financially-secure future. There are numerous initial certifications to choose from and there are even accelerated courses that can teach you to become fluent in a programming language in less time than it would take to earn a degree.

Pluming or HVAC Technician

Servicing HVAC equipment or learning the skills that will allow you to become a professional plumber can also ensure that you are able to find a job that offers a more competitive salary. With just a few years of industry experience, professional service technicians can make a very comfortable salary. Trade programs that encompass a variety of different skills and industries may be worth investigating.

In the right circumstances, skills training and professional certification can be just as valuable as an academic degree. Professionals who lack the finances or time needed to go back to school would do well to consider all that a vocational or trade school may be able to offer. With the right training, it may be possible to find the job you have always dreamed of having.