Choosing a theme for a wedding is very common, but often the hard part is deciding what to go for. Vintage and shabby chic are popular options yet have similar elements. It can be tricky knowing which one of these styles to choose. Here are some thoughts to help you decide.

The Dress

It’s often subtle differences that distinguish a vintage wedding dress from a shabby chic gown, but both styles look elegant. With shabby chic, there’s more of an air of informality about the styling, so you can choose a wider palette of colours. Vintage is more classic in appeal, and because there are fewer boundaries, it’s easier to know what to stick to and what works well.

According to Confetti, lace wedding dresses work extraordinarily well for both themes and can be combined with pearls, sparkling jewellery, and dainty floral or brooch bouquets.

Although you may have more options for a shabby chic style of weddings, that’s not to say that vintage doesn’t offer lots of inspiring ideas. According to Wedding Ideas Magazine, vintage weddings never go out of fashion. Whether you choose 1930s Art Deco and Great Gatsby-style elegance or a more home-spun 1940s vibe, vintage wedding themes always go down very well.


When it comes to vintage and shabby chic weddings, you can add touches of lace, pearls, crystals, silverware and antiques into the mix. Floral arrangements can emphasise the individual style, so the choice of flowers and use of ribbons or fabrics to combine bouquets make a difference.

To differentiate between vintage and shabby chic, think cleaner and more perfected for the vintage look. A shabby chic theme can have a more home-made edge to it, where imperfections can often lend it some character. For a classy feel, or if you’re afraid to stray too far from the boundaries, you might want to stick to the more vintage-inspired theme. To appreciate what elements make up a great vintage wedding theme, you can have a look at sites such as Style and the Bride.

Wedding Stationery

Set the theme for your wedding from the start with your choice of wedding stationery. Clear-cut lines, elegant typography and lace or small charms epitomise the vintage theme, whilst shabby chic invitations can make use of patterned fabrics, twine or even bright colours for effect.