Golf course management is an important thing to consider among golf players, both novice and seasoned pro. As an example, they need to know the distance to the hole. Each golf course has different shapes and sizes. Other than the geographical nature of the golf course, we should also consider the weather situation of the course. Wind is a big consideration related to golf club. The ball will be brought by the wind. Wind can also push the ball or dampen the speed of the ball when it is on the air. In this case, golfers should make sure that they use the proper strength and direction when hitting the ball.

When dealing with stiff wind, it is important to make sure that we are able to hit much harder than usual. Other option is to use longer club. However, both methods could result in more erratic outcomes. When golfers swing the golf club stringer, the ball flight can be less controlled. It means that we will have reduced accuracy. Whatever method we choose, it is important that the swing we use doesn’t really ruin our overall game. When dealing with stronger wind, we may need to use four iron, instead of five iron. However; we should make sure that we can really control our swing.

The wind could also assist golfer, especially when the wind blows harder at their back. In this case, we should be able to increase the overall yardage with the same type of golf club. However, it is possible that the wind makes the ball to go farther than we want. It means that the ball could plunge into the bunker and other obstructions. Another consideration is when we are dealing with a stronger side wind. We should have the proper adjustments, because the ball can be pushed to the side. Many golfers find that hard wind cause the ball to get into the water hazards.

Another thing that we should know about golf course is the level of moisture. The humidity level of the fairways and greens could affect our golfing performance. As an example, when the sprinklers are turned on at specific schedule, we could find that the ball move more sluggishly. Soaked fairway could affect the performance during golfing session. Green that’s soaked with dew, rain or sprinklers also causes the golf ball to behave differently. Wet grass puts extra resistance to the golf ball, In this case, we should make sure that we have proper force. As the sun rises higher, the fairway will be drier and we need to respond accordingly.

Drier fairways make our golf ball to roll and bounce farther. In this case, we should make sure that we are able to hit the ball better to increase the overall length of the shot. By understanding the condition of the fairway and green, we should be able to significantly improve our golfing capability. It is also possible for us to avoid accumulating too many needles strokes. There should be cautious regard on the existing weather condition.