We all have heard such a lot about Punjabis. They are good looking, smart, independent, free minded, friendly, and the list of adjectives simply does not end. If you have a Punjabi friend, you will agree with us. And if you are a Punjabi yourself, you are welcome! Here are the top reasons why Punjabis are so famous as the fun-loving lot of people.

Punjabis Are Most Fun-loving. Ever Wondered How?

From hugs to kisses, they have so much love to give – You can always expect a warm and tight hug or a friendly kiss on the cheek when you meet a Punjabi. And if you try to escape their love, be ready to be considered rude, very rude!

Yummy chicken, Honey Singh and Patiala peg; that is how Punjabis pull off the party all night! – Irrespective of the occasion and the grandeur of the party, they celebrate in their trademark way. They love to party hard. Numerous bottles of alcohol are brought, there is much food to even feed the entire community and everyone loves to shake their legs like it is the last night of their life. We assume the popular phrase, which says ‘burn the dance floor’ was invented somewhere in Chandigarh!

They hit to love, and love to hit – In every hard pat at the back or a soft blow in the stomach is hidden immense love and affection. And always remember one thing; if a Punjabi throws an abuse your way, you are one of their most favourite people on earth. Yes, Punjabis are very free-minded and love to abuse the ones they love.

They are loud. They are happily loud – Punjabis love to talk. And when they talk, it is always in decibels higher than that of the others. And in no way does it sound annoying. Loudness is a trademark of Punjabis and anyone around them will love it.

They love to eat and cook just so well! – Butter chicken to Maa di daal, the list is long. You simply will not be able to get enough of the Punjabi food. And if you visit their house, be ready for an overloaded stomach. In fact, some people go for Punjabi gatherings only for their lovely food! Get yourself at least three servings unless you want people thinking that you are on a diet! They strongly believe that the best way to the heart of a person is through their stomach.

They love to dress up – Diamond-studded pagdis, colours of the rainbow, gota-work chunnis, colours and animal prints are what you will find in the closet of a Punjabi. And also, the women are very brand conscious. From a Chanel bag to a Louis Vuitton top, they have it all!

Their matrimonies – They have one of the most happening matrimonial events in India at 5 star places. Punjabi matrimony grooms and brides are connected through several matrimonies across India.

All your life you have been hearing people say how awesome and free-minded the Punjabis are. But you now know the many reasons why!

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