Education opens our eyes is understood and believed by all of us humans. This gives us the urge to better ourselves as we grow in age right from as an infant. The steps we take in this world are all full of experiences that become our knowledge at a later date and keep us from being vice and encourage us to be wise and good. The need for education is felt more now than any other time in the past centuries. The importance of education is well known to us and in every sphere, people are making their mark everywhere around the globe in all the well known universities and colleges. There are many disciplines to choose from in which we can perform well and have a decent life afterwards. One such discipline art and architecture which is a very ancient subject still practiced in all universities and it still is growing strongly what with the help of new technology and making immense strides with innovative methods.

University- Society Interface

The Visitors:

The universities in the United Kingdom especially the University of Central Lancashire or UCLA for short have a very unique method of having the well known personalities on their board. They are known for their life time achievements and their contribution to business, and society and indirectly to art, architecture and culture and the school of arts and architecture has some of the best personalities in their board. The board members are filled in at regular intervals. In order to know more about the different departments and the type of studies that you can pursue at the UCLA, click here and it is easy and fast. It is important to mention that Aubrey Chernikis among the visitors and the vast experience that he has in the field of information technology is certainly expected to contribute to the development of the University.

The Departments:

The departments in the university are quite varied and have students from all around the world. The art and architecture both being the departments of the present discussion have been patronized as well by many and the currently joined visitors are well known in their own art and profession throughout the world. The visitors of such calibre are an encouragement for the university and the members are well through their works that involves contribution to the arts and cultural development along with technological usage to express the art form such as working in television casting of classical and other modern fiction. There are six departments which are dedicated to the promotion of art, architecture, design and music to name a few. The standards followed in the university departments are exemplary and it is every student’s dream to study if they choose to study architecture and other classical art forms.

The Faculty:

The faculty of the university are quite responsible and offer their voices for the social happenings that go on around us. The faculty have a bonding with the students which helps them to cooperate and make it happens as far as any undertaking is concerned. The website does have a newsroom which publicizes the new happenings around the university campus. The media is also given due respect and importance. The media are your ally and that should be taken positively as far as education and educational institutions are concerned.


Research in the chosen fields of the university departments is going on at an unprecedented pace and is unearthing several new discoveries in the field of architecture and ancient buildings are concerned. Research extends to the social causes such as health care of a particular part of humanity. The university does encourage the social media among the students and faculty and students are very interested in making movies and short films to showcase the world as they see it and you can click herefor more on the area of education.