Moringa Olifeira, dubbed the Miracle Tree of the Himalayas, has been one of the most important and widely used plants in the ancient folk medicine of both the Indian subcontinent civilizations and the early Chinese dynasties. It has a high nutritional value, a huge variety of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, making it effective against a plethora of medical conditions.

Thanks to its multiple health and dietary benefits, the drumstick tree, as it is known in some cultures, is cultivated globally, from the arid steppes of the Sub-Saharan Africa, to the lush fields of Indochina.

Potential Medical Applications Of Moringa Oleifera

The Moringa tree is highly valued for its leaves, seeds, fruit, flowers, trunk, but also for its bark and roots, making it an excellent source of nutrients for almost any medical condition. Different parts of the tree are rich in important vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, zeatin, quercetin, caffeoylquinic, various amino acids like kaempferol, antioxidants and many other chemical compounds that are vital for your metabolism.

What is particularly interesting about the Moringa tree is the extremely rare combination of these nutrients. Experts point out that no other plant has such a diverse range of nutrients in its composition. What’s more, almost all of the nutrients found in the Moringa tree are easily extracted and can safely be used in drinks (such as natural juices), in normal everyday meals, in the form of supplement capsules or skin products.

Besides its impressive nutritional value, the Moringa Oleifera tree can be used effectively in the fight against multiple medical conditions. These include infections, arthritis, several types and forms of cancer, asthma, constipation, birth control, anemia, headaches, heart issues, kidney stones, and many others.

Certain scientific studies have shown that Moringa has tremendous benefits against blood hypertension, stomach ulcers, gut and digestive tract infections, hepatic and fungal infections, as well as diabetes and pulmonary diseases.

Here are some of the most common medical conditions that can be prevented and treated with the help of Moringa Oleifera:

Moringa tree increases milk production

Medical evidence shows that this miracle tree has tremendous benefits for breastfeeding women, increasing milk production by almost 20 percent, while also improving the chemical structure of the milk. There are many Moringa Oleifera supplements that can boost milk production, including Natalac (the normal dose is about 250 mg/day)

Moringa tree helps in the fight against asthma

The seed kernels of the Moringa tree have certain minerals and vitamins that can help asthma patients recover and prevent asthmatic attacks. The finely powdered dried seed kernels are rich in selenium, zinc and iron, minerals that are known for their numerous benefits against asthma and other pulmonary health conditions.

In a study done in 2011, physicians discovered that a dose of only 3 mg/day administered during a two week period has helped reduce asthma symptoms and the severity of asthma attacks in adults.

Also, when applied to the skin, Moringa tree creams can help your body fight the following diseases:


Moringa has natural antioxidants and vitamins that fight skin fragmentation and will boost the immune system, a frequent cause of dandruff

Athlete‘s Foot

This common medical condition causes itchiness, scaling, and flaking, and is often very difficult to control with normal drug therapy. Moringa supplements have multiple vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that strengthen the skin and boost the immune system’s response. After taking these supplements, many patients have recovered in as little as ten days.

Gum Disease

A common oral health condition, gum disease or gingivitis affects millions of people in the United States alone. Moringa topical creams and mouthwashes are specifically designed to help fight this debilitating disease. It has a variety of vitamins, including B6, B12, C, and K, which help your soft tissues, as well as bones, recover faster.

Other conditions

Moringa is beneficial against skin infections, snake and insect bites, and warts.

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