Baby gift hampers are adorable ideas as baby shower gifts. There are innumerable choices for baby items in the market, so you may not be short of ideas to fill up the baby gift hamper. They are easy to personalize and to add your ‘special touch’.

Baby hampers are very practical gifts that can you can help a new mum with some basic essentials. Every hamper is different from the other as it contains a customized selection of goodies for the baby and its parents. First step is to decide whether you will buy a hamper from a store or you will create one by yourself.

Unique Gift Baskets For New Born Babies

 Here are some tips for creating your own baby gift hamper:

  • Theme: You can organize a baby hamper around a theme- it could be a colour, an animal or any baby theme. List down items you will need to complete a hamper based on a theme.
  • Deciding on your basket: The basket must be of the right size to fit all contents. So decide on the contents and then choose the basket.
  • Choose basket: They come in all materials, sizes and forms. For baby baskets, ones made of natural fibres like straw, willow, palm leaves and bamboo will suit well. You can even go in for cloth lined basket, plastic bucket, or bowl, baby bathtub, baby toilet seat, tote bag, etc.
  • Choose contents:

One can choose items to fill up the baby hamper like:

  1. Body care items for a baby such as baby oil, baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby wipes, baby sunscreen lotion, baby powder and baby rash ointment.
  2. Grooming items for baby: Cotton swaps, soft hair brush, nail clippers, etc.
  3. Practical items for baby: Baby bottles, baby thermometer, thermometer for baby bath, baby bibs (plastic or cloth), baby bath towel with hoodie, pacifiers, baby towels, bathing sponge, etc.
  4. Baby clothing: Baby socks, baby booties, baby rompers, baby hat, baby Tee shirt.
  5. Other items: Rubber duckies, teething toys, rattles, baby spoons, pacifier clips, musical toys, stuffed toys, etc.
  6. Video monitor: Gift the parents of the new born a lot of peace of mind by presenting a CCTV which help them keep tabs on the baby.
  • Personalize the hamper: Personalize gift hampers with glued on foam letters, wooden letters or letter stickers. You can also create a name chain using wooden beads and attach it to your basket. Another option is to personalize a single item like a baby towel or a bib and display it prominently in the basket so that everyone can see.
  • Arranging gift basket:

Once all the contents are ready, arrange it all in the gift basket. If the basket is too big, fill up with bedding and fillers like tissue paper, cotton balls, wipes or diapers.

You may have to keep arranging till all fits and sits comfortably. You can enhance the looks of the baby basket by using colour paper to stick out between content items. You can even add a paper flower. Wrap the whole gift in gift foil wrap.

These are some of the ways in which you can create a baby basket at home. Next, you must get hampers delivered to the new parents through a reliable courier.