Bidding someone farewell can be tough, but we all need to do it sometime in our life. Giving a loved one a befitting farewell is important; and one of the ways to ensure that is to go for the right cemetery monument. If you are looking for cemetery monuments, here are some points you need to know.

Selecting the Size

The size of the cemetery monument largely depends on the cemetery. Cemetery is also regulated by some rules and regulations regarding the number of graves that have been purchased. Normally, the height of the monument is directly proportional to the base, which is usually described as two by one or three by one in size.

Components of a Cemetery Monument

A typical gravestone is made up of two parts- the die and the base. The base is usually longer and wider than the die, with the latter sitting in the center of the base. The different parts of a gravestone are attached with the help of putty, which dries slowly to permanently bond the parts together.

Shapes of Cemetery Monuments

Know Importance Of Your Cemetery Monuments

Monuments are available in lots of shapes & sizes, and can always be customized. The most common shape of a cemetery monument is a Grass Marker, also known as a flat marker. It is usually two by one in size, and is a single piece.

If Grass Marker is kept in slightly upright position then it becomes Slant Marker, which is also available. There are upright memorials also, their die portion comes in different shapes. Some standard shapes for die portions of upright cemetery monuments include:

  • Serpentine
  • Straight
  • Oval

The die portion can always be customized. For example, you can give it a shape of a heart, or that of a life book.

In historical burial grounds, you will often find monoliths, which are thick one-piece dies without a base, since they are partially buried.

Finishes of Cemetery Monuments

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of finishes that can be given to cemetery monuments:

Know Importance Of Your Cemetery Monuments

  • Polished- Granite does not have a shine of its own, except certain varieties such as Indian and Chinese. It is given luster by rubbing and buffing it thoroughly.
  • Unpolished or steeled finish- Steeled finish is achieved by lightly sandblasting the granite.
  • Rock pitch- This is a very rough finish that is achieved by splitting the granite.

Mostly, cemetery monuments are build with the combination of the three finishes. For example, the base and top of the die have rock pitch finish, with the sides having a polished look.

Colors of Granite

Granite is available in a variety of colors. The price of granite depends on the variety that you choose. Usually, as the hue of the granite gets darker, the more expensive it becomes because it is sourced from far away. Some common colors of granite that are often used in cemetery monuments are gray, jet black, red, brown, and blue.

Etching Designs in Stone

With the advent of technology, almost anything can be etched in a stone, right from a picture to a team logo, the photo of Alma mater, and anything you imagine. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to customizing cemetery monuments.

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