Spain is a country for the most important dancing cultures that have been travelled to various parts of the world. From salsa to boycott it has the origination of almost every dance form. What more the country offers has to be unveiled by visiting it once in a lifetime. Spain’s holiday package offers you to take a note and hug all its uniqueness and spirituality within you. This Mediterranean country is never ending beauty on the European soil. You can enjoy the glorious environment of Italy with your family of friends and present them with this incomparable natural gift. Here is the best destination info:

Tour -de -Spain

“Must visit museums” within the Country:

  1. The Prado Museum: this is one of the most beautiful museums in the city of Spain. It is located in Madrid, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a magni8ficent structure that has enhanced its beauty due to the presence of Spanish anarchy in its structure. The architecture has been a neo classic right from the time when it was built.
  2. Dali theatre Museum: This is another scintillating museum ion so pain that has been attracting tourists from all over the world. It lies in the province of Costa Brava in Spain. Hence it is worth checking out when you are in Spain.
  3. The Guggenheim Museum: this is located in Bilbao and is a major landmark of the city. The city has an identification mark that is well-on recognized by this name. It is made out of titanium, which gives it a shining appeal and is very breathtaking.
  4. Fine arts museum: this is yet another museum of Spain, which is fighting its way to reach amongst the top ten most visited place in the world. It was founded in Valencia in the 17th century and has been standing tall since then. It has a breathtaking feature and cannot be missed while you are in Spain for sightseeing.
  5. The Picasso Museum: this museum has a huge collection of work and was built by the famous artist Picaso. It was actually built in his memory and to honor his contribution in the field of arts and painting. This is located in Barcelona.
  6. Reina Sofia Museum: this is located in Madrid and is mainly comprised of fine arts. It has many art collections that are made by all the famous artists across Spain. It is worth visiting while you are in Spain as you can learn about the artists.
  7. Principe Felipe Science Museum: this museum is situated in Valencia that is the main city of arts and science in Spain. It has many collections that have all the information about the technology.

Brief Summary:

You must be well aware that the taxis that stand in front of the airport do not accept any other currency. Make sure have your currency in Euros and dollars. Do not fall in short of these things as there are exchange facilities within the airports. There are many money transferring centers in the country. Make sure you do have your details all fixed with your bank regarding international transactions. When you are in Spain, make sure not to hesitate speaking in Spanish, when in rural area. Besides that, all the localities are well aware of languages like English, French and German. Almost all the chauffeurs in the hotels speak English. You need the correct destination info about the country. This will include the cost of hotels in Spain that provide rooms and the tariffs arranged in a lower to higher range. The tariff will vary depending upon the hotel and the locality. But the country of Spain cannot be left without completely soaking its beauty into the memoir.