Apple is famous for delivering high quality specs at equally high price. Someone has rightly said that Apple is best example of branding. Earlier this year in the month of June Apple has launched its Apple MacBook Air 2014 which was quite successful in the market. However MacBook 2014 is still hitting the market but rumours are coming for the release of Apple MacBook Air 2015. From this you can assume the amount of craze in people for Apple MacBook 2015. There is no official announcement is given by Apple but there are some rumours about the specs of MacBook 2015.

Apple MacBook Air 2015 Release Date

Apple released its first MacBook Air in 2008 with the slogan “Thinnest Laptop in the world”. At that time it became very famous due to this slogan. However many other Laptop vendors argued on this fact. But still Apple succeeds to sale its Light laptops easily. Due to some internal problems Apple released another MacBook Air in late 2008. But after that it used to launch one MacBook Air each year. Last MacBook was released in early 2014. So now it is expected that Apple will release its next Apple MacBook Air 2015 retina in the early or mid-2015.


Apple MacBook Air 2015 Specifications

MacBook Air is famous for its one core feature which is delivering high performance with light weight design. It is still a big topic to debate whether it is a ultra-book or Net-Book. MacBook Air 2014 didn’t come with big changes as compared to MacBook 2013. So it is expected that Apple will only make some changes in the display and processor.

Design – Light weight is the most wanted feature of MacBook Air since 2008. And Apple is consistently working on it to make some more improvement. In 2014 MacBook Air came in two sizes which are 11 inch and 13 inch. But many people posted a need to introduce mid-level size too. So it is expected that next year Apple will come with its three MacBook Air variants. The new sizes will be 11.5 inch, 12.6 inch and 13.5 inch. There will be some changes in terms of internal configurations too. Apart from this it is rumoured that Apple will launch these MacBook Air with retina HD display. It will bring a new look to them. According to internal news Apple is working to improve display quality even more. Apart from this a Facetime HD camera, 2 USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack and a microphone position will be same as MacBook 2014.

Hardware – It was the hardware problem due to which Apple released its MacBook Air in 2008 back to back. But now Apple has overcome this problem pretty well. In 2014 version Apple came with 1.3 GHz Intel dual core i5 processor with 3MP L3 Shared Cache. So it is expected this time Apple will come with 2 GHz Intel dual core i5 processor with 4 MB L3 Shared Cache. To speed up the processor a 4 GB Ram will also be installed. To enhance gaming experience Intel 5300 graphics will be inserted on the board. It will be interesting to see how Apple will balance the configurations with weight?