Microsoft’s new OS would be Windows 10 after its decision to skip Version 9 after Windows 8. This new launch is smarter and productivity driven offering more dynamism than its predecessors. Here are some features of this OS that would drive you crazy:

Top Features Of Microsoft’s New Windows 10

Enterprise Centric

Smarter Windows 10 is the single OS for all devices like tablet, mobile, desktop and laptops. This OS has been developed with the potential of delivering much to businesses with impressive features ensuring data security and productivity.

It has fluent compatibility with the enterprise’s management system and seamless integration with allied components. Not to miss is the customization facility. All in all, it provides a robust platform to the team to perform their best.


Users can launch multiple desktops that open up as mini windows at the bottom demonstrating about the apps in effect in real time. It also features newly launched ‘Snap Assist’ allowing users to share apps from different desktops on screen.

Continuum Feature

Unique feature in this OS is to add switching functionality for the users to choose input modes of touch and type. Through this features, this OS has an advantage over the previous version having confusing touch/type dual orientation.

High Functionality Start Menu

Windows 10 features a well toned Start Menu delivering improved functionality than the previous version. It also features a good deal of user customization wherein users have the power to resize the tiles of the menu.

Better Command Prompt

Techie users can enjoy better functionality with the improved command prompt. No need to get the context menu – ‘Ctrl+V’ would serve the purpose.

Home Tab of the Explorer

Explorer features a Home Tab having specialized alignments of favorites, folders and recent files. It allows getting on to your destination directly and promptly.

Unique Insider Program

Microsoft has come up with its unique ‘Insider Program’ in order to receive active feedback from its users across the globe. The feedback collected would help techies provide a more specialized interface with Ultimate Windows 10.