When seeking an all-around thrilling experience, it’s safe to say one should definitely put Australia under consideration. This enchanting section of the Earth is undoubtedly a macrocosm on its own with abundance of historical, cultural and natural traits to explore. It’s famous for its biodiversity and rare species like dugong and Wollemi pines, preservation and respect of cultural heritage such as Uluru and countless wonders of nature, the Pinnacles being of them. A paradise for your inner Indiana Jones, Australia has innumerous sites in store to jot down in your adventure calendar. Here’s a selection of the unique places that boost the adrenaline and delight with their beauty.

Bungee Jumping in Cairns

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

This large city at the east coast of North Queensland is a major attraction for its hot climate and vicinity of other outstanding sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef. If you ever thought about trying bungee jumping, Cairns just may be your chance to do it. The rainforest location presents you with three options: regular bungee jump, Minjin swing and the combination of the two called the ultimate rush. The expert will safely guide and assist you in this unique air-born sightseeing wild tour.

Bridge Climbing in Sydney

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

One of the largest Australian cities and a capital of New South Wales, Sydney certainly doesn’t fall behind the rest of country’s amazing sites. After tasting some of the great local delicacies, you may want to burn out the accumulated energy with an exhilarating activity such as bridge climbing. Test your endurance in this demanding but highly enjoyable activity.  You’d have the opportunity to receive a good deal of interesting information about the city and have your pictures taken as well.

Skypoint Climbing in Surfers Paradise

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

A part of the Gold Coast City in Queensland, this special spot hides more than its name reveals to us. When you think you had your fair share of surfing experience, consider giving skypoint climbing trip a go. It rises 270m above the ground and the actual walk starts at the 77th floor of one of the highest outside-building hike locations. A 90 minute sensation with stops will provide you with the full circle view of the coast, skyline and a green belt.

The Great Ocean Road Cycling Tour

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

This one is country’s beloved road-trip destination and for good reasons. This massive stretch of pathway offers an immense variety of roadside treats. It includes inevitable top notch surfing nooks, serene seaside abodes along with tropical wildlife patches and eucalyptus forests. If you decide on a cycling tour, pick the right electric bike from Australian-based company and power up your biking experience of the breath-taking ocean road.

Skydiving above the Great Barrier Reef

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

This sighting is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and deservedly so. With over 400 types of coral and 1500 of fish species, it’s the only life-infused construction visible from space, and it’s been there for 25 million years! For its size and position, what better way to immerse in the scene than opting for a tandem skydiving venture at 11,000 feet. Accompany it with helicopter ride to get a complete picture.

Diving around Whitsunday Island

Top 6 Most Adventurous Activities In Australia

Last but not the least, this gem of Australia’s diving potential has a total of 74 islands which are set between the Great Barrier Reef and north-east Queensland coast. Bare-boat your way to the perfect snorkelling and diving spot and come face to face with the breathtaking marine life. Surround yourself with colourful corals and fish, dolphins and even whales. The professional divers will give you adequate assistance according to your skills.

This being only a fraction of Australia’s natural wealth and adventurous possibilities, it’s only a matter of when and what to visit. Australia has truly succeeded in mastering the development and presentation of its vast beauty.