Dubai is the tourism hub of the world. It is the favourite spot for tourists from all over the world. It is also the most liberal of all the Emirates. But, when travelling you must take care not to hurt the sentiments of the local public. To fulfil this criterion, you must ensure that you have knowledge of the regulations. Following are few tips when travelling to Dubai to give you an idea of the important regulations of the place:

Tips For Tourists In Dubai

Best Time for Vacation:

During summers Dubai is extremely hot with temperatures reaching around 50°C. Ramadan is a good period to visit Dubai if you want to explore the Islamic culture. But you will not be able to enjoy the food and delicacies in that period. Best time to visit Dubai so that you can indulge in a maximum variety of opportunities is during winters or more specifically from November to April. The Dubai Tour Packages allow you to witness a range of sport activities in this period such as Desert Classic, Dubai Tennis Championships, etc.

Travelling with Children:

Dubai is a unique holiday spot as it has something to offer for individuals of each age group. It has several amazing amusement parks and museums, entertainment centres, etc. Several hotels also provide options for babysitting. There are a plethora of activities available that your kids would enjoy.

Women Travellers:

Dubai is a safe city for women travellers. The regulations are liberal but women must still take care of the outfit so as to not hurt local sentiments. Dubai has strong traditional roots and the people of Dubai adhere to them. Women must definitely consider accommodations at a four or five-star hotel so as to avoid any possible mishaps. Overall, Dubai regulations provide several advantages to women such as separate queues, immediate attention at banks and other public areas, etc.


Dubai is visibly an expensive city. As expected, the hotels and other means of accommodation are costly. To save some money you must plan well in advance. If you are travelling with a large group such as a huge family or a large group of friends consider sharing rooms so as to save money in that sector. This would allow you to spend more money on activities like the desert safari Dubai deals.

Sharia Law:

Dubai follows the Sharia law. Hence public display of affection must be avoided. Unmarried couples are suggested to look for separate accommodations so as to not hurt the religious and local sentiments. Homosexuality is banned in almost all parts of UAE.

It is better to plan your vacation well in advance. This will allow you to save a lot of money and be systematic. Being systematic would mean that you can enjoy exploring a greater number of places. The Dubai tour packages and desert safari in Dubai deals are profitable and enjoyable. Do not forget to opt for them.