A mobile application is a buzz, according to a report, there are currently more than three hundred thousand applications for mobile devices with Android leading the downloads of applications for smartphones. There is the immense utilization of these applications that is pacing the journey towards digital transformation. Many of the applications are created by the mobile application development company in response to basic or essential needs for optimal development. Another reason for mobility service is customizing the commercial needs of easing the products and services, places to visit or destinations, promotions and even places where to park a car. Millennial go to the hunt for information in real time, they don’t wait to need the immediate action of there requirement.

This immense development and use of the iPhone app, android app and various cross-platform app by the generation has risen the security issue of the mobile app. It should be noted that the amount of

information received through the applications does not have a regulatory entity that needs to be managed by the effective mobile application security service. They can reduce the risk of data breach or damage caused by mobile malware with antivirus protection, Protects against the latest malware variants with proactive technologies that will be able to block previously unknown threat variants, and Decreases both your entry and maintenance costs with device-based licensing service.

mobille application development

To eradicate the security issue in the mobile app the mobile application development company need to take the matter at the initial stage and build the application accordingly. Various steps to bring effective security in your development are:

1. Secure your API

APIs are an essential part of programming and should be secure with encryption so that it should not be read easily and altered. Also be very sure to incorporate an API gateway for bringing better security in your APIs.

2. Incorporate the security team from day one

Security should be a priority from day one of the mobile development process. Whether you’re SWOTting, Scrumming, using DevOps, Rapid, or Agile it is advisable to incorporate security at each step. Even the change in development should be discussed with the security team to avoid any issues that may arise.

3. Test

Quality Analysis should never be a secondary thing- lots of developers just aren’t doing it. An effective QA is an important part of building secure code, it shouldn’t be seen at the end of the process. It should be an important phase, constant review of the code and identifying every potential security hole and finally be fixing it before it ends up live. 

4. Minimize the risk by minimizing permissions

Lessen the mobile application security service utility by giving the rarest permissions granted to a user or a machine, and only as needed. The mobile app doesn’t necessarily need access to the camera, or the dialer, or the contacts, don’t ask for it. It should be noted that each permission an app need is another connection it has, rising the security concern.

5. Implement tamper protection in your app

Mobile application development companies should imply tamper protection in your app that is a must-have for security. There are various Copycat apps in Google Play that have been fooled millions of users, this hampers your reputation as a trustworthy app choice.

6. Secure backend

Servers or cloud servers that your app’s APIs are accessing should be properly secured for protecting data and any unauthorized access. APIs and those accessing this backend should be verified to prevent any backlog and information leakage.

7. Extra precaution with BYOD policy

If your company has BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy than extra precaution should be taken in regards to hacking vulnerability. As a precautionary measure implement a VPN, block unauthorized access and other blockers for preventing unsecured access and hacking issues.

8. SSL implication

Implement security layer in your mobile app to protect leakage of sensitive data in motion, even if all communication is inside the corporate firewall. The app should use technologies such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or TLS protocol, for giving a secure authentication layer. The secure certification also gives relief to the user who is doing money transactions through your mobile application.


Mobile is growing in-proportionally in the era and is also bringing the demand for mobile application security service due to an increase in security concerns. With a weak security, hackers can steal your personal data, tamper your company image and bring malware attacks. So, bring a solid mobile security strategy in your mobile application development by partnering with top notch managed mobile application development company. With the strong secure application, you can bring customer loyalty for the future growth.